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Taking Advantage of Technology To Become Better Parents

Family Life  28 January '17

Parenting With Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Parenthood And Gadget Use

Devices are aimed to make life better for the family but parents should maximize its advantages and limit the disadvantages such as the neglect of children.

Mattel's Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 46 Percent

Fun & Games  5 January '17

Mattel Takes Over Parenting Duties With Aristotle, The Device That Will Invade Homes Of The Future

The company will start selling the digital assistant in June for $300.

Introducing Amazon Echo

Family Life  9 December '16

Pregnancy And Parenting Advice: Amazon Alexa Launches What To Expect Skill To Aid Parents

The digital age has made parenting more streamlined, thanks to all these smart devices!

Amazon Echo

Technology  3 December '16

'Amazon Echo' News And Updates: Project Amazon Knight Has Been Confirmed As An Upgrade; Hundreds Of New Commands To Come For Alexa

Amazon announced the upcoming upgrade for the "Amazon Echo" called the Amazon Knight. Amazon also announced that they will be installing hundreds of new commands for Alexa Digital Assistant.

Amazon Echo Specs News: ‘Alexa’ Now Knows 60,000 Recipes; AI Personal Assistants Getting Smarter?

Dads  23 November '16

Amazon Echo Specs News: ‘Alexa’ Now Knows 60,000 Recipes; AI Personal Assistants Getting Smarter?

With a few AI assistants to choose from, Amazon Echo is available in the market for $180.

Introducing Echo Dot

Dads  15 November '16

Is Amazon Echo Dot Bringing Echo Back?

Amazon's Echo Dot is a big improvement from the Echo, equipped with the crucial and necessary features for a smart speaker.

Staples Black Friday Laptop Deals 2016 // #BlackFridayStaples

Dads  9 November '16

Staples Black Friday Ad Reveals Awesome Tech Deals; Bigger Crowd for Premium Devices at Lowered Price

With less than three weeks left until the next Black Friday, tech consumers are out and about snooping in for details for their next batch of goods. Check out why an ad by Staples that leaked out a few days ago had techies excited.

Amazon Echo Specs News: ‘Alexa’ Now Knows 60,000 Recipes; AI Personal Assistants Getting Smarter?

Technology  4 November '16

Google Home Versus Amazon Echo: A Quick Look, Main Difference Unearthed But Both Devices Are Future-Ready

With the Internet of Things revolution coming of age, more and more devices can connect to the Internet. Future-ready devices such as these two smart home assistants let us catch a glimpse of the future today.

Amazon Echo

Technology  12 October '16

Amazon Echo Review: The Newest Portable Speaker, Price And Device Features Inside

Amazon Echo is the newest voice interactive device. Capable of playing music, providing information such as news and weather report, Amzon Echo is a total interactive assistant device.

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 - Day 2

Dads  18 September '16

Amazon Echo AKA Alexa Now Works With GE Making Voice Activation Able To Control Appliances

You can now control your oven with Alexa!

Amazon Echo

Family Life  28 March '16

Google To Create Rival For Amazon Echo

Google is reportedly working on a device which will be a competitor of the Amazon Echo.

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