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Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Games  26 September '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Can Players Hatch Rare Regional Pokémon Outside Of Their Region? Niantic CEO Debunks Claims

Can the four region-specific Pokémon be hatched from Eggs via walking? Niantic CEO John Hanke said that hatching region exclusive Pokémon out of Eggs is only possible if the Eggs are in their natural habitat.

Halloween Set To Be The Warmest On Record

Family Life  19 September '16

It’s Not Just Infidelity Or Lying: These Silent Threats Slowly Destroy Marriages

Infidelity and lying are not the only marriage killers. Some couples have habits that can slowly destroy their marriages over time.

Ordination Of Six New Rabbis In Berlin

Behavior  15 September '16

Parenting Facts: Study Shows Children Feels Unimportant When Their Parents Are Glued To Their Mobile Devices

Studies reveal that children feels neglected when their parents are glued to their phones.

The Royal Horticultural Society's 2015 Harvest Festival Show

Behavior  13 September '16

Parenting Tips: Should Smacking Your Child Be Prohibited? Studies Says Yes

Know the importance of disciplining you child without smacking.

iPods Linked To Hearing Problems

Body  22 August '16

How Listening To Music Helps Treat Cancer Patients & Improve Their Quality Of Life

A study found that listening to music could lower cancer patients' need for anesthetics and analgesics. Music intervention can also diminish patients' recovery time and hospitalization.

Anzac Troop Train Re-enacts Historic Journey Through Queensland To Mark Gallipoli Centenary

Body  16 August '16

Potentially Deadly Golden Staph Infections Affect Hundreds Of Children Annually

Golden staph infection is three times more prevalent in Australian indigenous children than their non-indigenous counterparts. Five percent of children die after being affected by golden staph infection, while it kills 20 percent of adults.

Glastonbury Festival 2016 - Preparation

Development  15 August '16

Gender Neutral Parenting: Know the Benefits of Raising Gender Neutral Kids

Is it ideal to raise gender-neutral children?

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Body  12 August '16

Wonders Of Mediterranean Food: Diet Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease, Slows Memory Loss & Wards Off Heart Disease

A Mediterranean diet involves high consumption of olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, while avoiding processed food and sugar. Following this diet means favoring lean sources of protein like chicken, turkey, and fish instead of red meat.

Serbia v Australia - Men's Basketball - Olympics: Day 3

Sports  10 August '16

Olympics Basketball News & Update: Australia ‘Boomers’ Promises Game Against Team USA Won’t Be Easy

The Australian Men's Basketball team looks ahead at their Team USA matchup, promising the world that their game won't be an easy win for the American squad

General Election - Education

Behavior  8 August '16

Teenagers’ Mental Health: High School Students Learn How To Cope With Anxiety Through REACH Summer Program

The REACH program is a combination of academic, theoretical, and outside learning. All of the activities cater to teenagers' anxiousness and dealing with anxiety.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Health  2 August '16

All For ‘Pokémon GO:’ Arizona Parents Abandon Toddler In 90-Degree Heat Without Water To Play Pokemon Go

Brett Daley, 27, and Brianna Daley, 25, were arrested after a neighbour found the toddler screaming, crying, and trying to get inside the couple's home.

150 Years German Red Cross: Senior Citizens Care

Health/Nutrition  27 July '16

First Vaccine For Dementia To Be Tested On Humans In Three Years

Dementia vaccines will soon be made available which can help millions of patients.

Rand Paul, Cory Booker, And Kristen Gillibrand Discuss Medical Marijuana Bill

Health  27 July '16

Medical Marijuana News: Children With Epilepsy In Victoria Can Access Medical Marijuana by 2017

Children with epilepsy in Victoria, Australia were given access to medical marijuana which would take effect by 2017.

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

Games  13 July '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Outrage: Museums & Memorial Sites Cry Foul Over ‘Disrespectful’ Pokémon Hunters

Administrators said visitors playing "Pokémon Go" while touring the site is a form of disrespect and inappropriate. They plead players to avoid the game while they're on the site's grounds.

Tracy Paul & Co Presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

Games  11 July '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: One Man Complains After Making His House A Pokemon Gym And Loses Privacy; Malware- Infected Version Up For Download, How To Avoid Downloading The Wrong Version?

According to reports, one private property was turned into a "Pokemon Go" gym and the owner did not like it. Meanwhile, a Malware-infected version of "Pokemon Go" is available for download, check out for it.

Tom Hiddleston

TV/ Movie  11 July '16

Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Update: Couple Talking About Having Children Together? He Refrains From Talking About Her In Interview With Australian Reporters

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are rumored to be talking about having children.

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Health  8 July '16

The Benefits and Dangers of Multivitamins & Supplements For Pregnant Women

It's better to consume vitamins through the natural way -- eating healthy foods. If you are the type of person who consumes healthy foods often, chances are you don't need multivitamins and supplements anymore.

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  1 July '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Testers Share Feedback; Game Is Fun And Frustrating At The Same Time

Some players were disappointed with "Pokemon Go" but others find it fun and just as exciting as the other Pokemon games.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Charlotte Hornets

Dads  30 June '16

LeBron James Withdraws from Consideration for Rio 2016 Olympics: What This Means For the USA Men's National Basketball Team

LeBron James has finally brought glory back home to Cleveland, but he has decided to pass on the chance to help bring Olympic glory back to the States.

Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

SPED Kids  27 June '16

How Animal Therapy Helps Disabled Children Power Through Their Impairments

Animals help disabled children remain calm, happy and more confident. They thrive in the company of animals because they don't judge and are always there to comfort the kids.

Blue Moon Burger Bash Presented By Pat LaFrieda Meats Hosted By Rachael Ray - Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented By FOOD & WINE

Nutrition  23 June '16

Heinz' Supposedly 'Healthy' Toddler Food Is Full Of Sugar, Consumer Group Says

An Australian consumer group has said that what Heinz is promoting as healthy toddler food is actually sugary food.

Enthusiasts Attend The Blitz Party

Medicine  21 June '16

Drug For Osteoporosis Could Prevent Breast Cancer In Women By Targeting Faulty Gene

The drug Denosumab targets marker protein carried by cancer precursor cells. Women with faulty BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have higher risks of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

Health/Nutrition  18 June '16

Prostate Cancer News: Registry Aims to Keep Tab of Patients for Better Treatment

This registry is said to be able to help monitor a prostate cancer patient's progress to better apply the appropriate treatment.

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