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Issues  3 May '17

Autism Awareness: 'Amazing Things Happen' Video Helps Children Understand Autism Better [WATCH]

Alex Amelines, an animator from the U.K., created the video and encouraged parents and teachers to watch this with their kids.

Legoland Florida Makes Its Site Autism-Friendly

Autism  1 April '17

Autism Awareness Month: Legoland In Florida Introduces Autism-Friendly Amenities

Legoland's launch of its improved autism-friendly park coincides with Autism Awareness Month this April.

After An Autism Diagnosis

Autism  29 March '17

Autism Awareness: What Should Parents Do Next If Their Child Is Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

An autism diagnosis is a good thing because then parents know what they must do to help their child with autism spectrum disorder.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  18 December '16

How Autism Awareness Has Come A Long Way From Doctors Telling Parents To Just Institutionalize Their Kid

If you have a child diagnosed with autism, it is not the end of the world. Here are ways on how you could deal with their situation.

Autism Awareness

SPED Kids  19 November '16

Autistic Women Unlock The Secret Behind Autism

We commonly see this mental condition called “autism” to males, for women has a protective factor in terms of this disorder.

Training Cops Help People On The Spectrum

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Training Police Officials: Helping individuals on the spectrum

For a decade, a man from Norwood, Massachusetts, Lt. Martin Baker, devoted his time lecturing on information about autism all over the United States of America.

Teen With Autism Gets To Play Football

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Hitting The Gridiron With Autism

Last Friday, Jeffrey Creighton, a teen suffering from autism finally got the chance to suit up for the Chantilly High School Chargers.

Students with autism May Find This Institution A Haven

SPED Kids  13 November '16

New Course for Autistic Students Begins With “The Tribe”

People with autism are treated way different from “normal” people. Some organizations and groups are willing to make an autistic person feel and get the same privileges as possible and luckily, some people are motivated through experience and love to help people with autism.

The Dilemma of Gender Dysphoria

SPED Kids  12 November '16

Gender Dysphoria: A Lookout For People With Autism

Autism and identity crisis may have some relationship at all. According to a study, individuals with autism are more likely to experience high level of deviation.

Man Hits Autistic Teen During Running Event

SPED Kids  8 November '16


After pushing a teen during a running event at Cobbs Hill Park, a man was arrested. The teen who had fallen behind is an autistic.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is illuminated in blue to mark the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2015 in Cairgo, Egypt

Autism  22 June '16

Pyramids Turned Blue: Discover The Reason Why The Egyptians Began To Talk About Autism

In Egypt, autism is views as a curse, only known to them as a mental illness and to some, they thought it meant street children. Thanks to Dahlia Soliman, she helped educated and promote awareness for autism in Egypt.

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