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Teens face Increased Risk Of Brain Damage With Dripping

Teens/Young Adults  9 February '17

Parenting Alert: Teen Dripping Exposes Them To More Risk

Vaping has replaced the traditional cigarettes but teens have turned to dripping, exposing them to more risks of brain damage.

Town Celebrates National Guard Units Return From Iraq

Infant  7 February '17

The Ferber Method For Babies: Should Parents Allow Babies To Cry Themselves To Sleep?

Ferbering, the method of leaving babies to cry themselves to sleep repeatedly, might lead to brain damage later on.

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Health  30 November '16

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Does staying up late cause severe damage to children's developing brain?

30th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner To Benefit The Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis - Dinner

Body  15 August '16

Researchers Have Found Ways to Achieve 'Partial Recovery' for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

A group of researchers in Brazil have helped people with spinal cord injuries regain partial functioning with the help of machines.

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health  1 July '16

Zika Viirus News: More Infection Threats As Virus Infiltrates Fetus Causes Brain Abnormalities Despite Absence Of Microcephaly

Zika virus is really not what you think it is. The reason? A new study recently showed that the notorious mosquito-borne virus could still affect babies who were not born with microcephaly or any birth defect associated with the virus.

Guinness World Records Day 2011

Health/Nutrition  11 February '16

Good News For Fitness Enthusiasts: Study Shows That Exercise Prevents Brain Size Decline In Later Life

Another reason to start exercising right now!

Patrick and Vanessa Donohue cuddle their two-month-old baby

Infant  27 January '16

Brain Damage In Newborn Babies Are Not Caused By Poor Delivery According To Study; Learn The Details Here

A new study suggests that poorly managed delivery of a baby is not the main cause of brain damage in newborns. Find out the real causes here.

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