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Bay Area Charities Feed The Needy Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Feeding  22 September '16

When Is It Okay To Feed Babies Solid Food? Starting At 4 Months, Experts Say

Experts have different views on when to start giving solid foods to babies. A new study says. however, that baby-led weaning should begin between 4 and 6 months of age.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  19 September '16

Zika In The United States Update: Florida Governor To Visit Wynwood, Expected To Declare Area Virus-Free

Florida Governor Rick Scott will be visiting Wynwood and is expected to declare that the area is no longer affected with the virus.

Protesters Demonstrate During The Republican National Convention

Medicine  10 September '16

Zika Virus In Florida: Miami Beach Completes Insecticide Spraying Against Mosquitoes After Public Protests

The predawn spraying of the insecticide naled against Zika-carrying Aedes mosquitoes was carried out on Friday morning by small planes. Officials are also spraying pesticide and larvicide on the ground in areas where mosquito populations flock.

Marco Rubio Attends Final Campaign Push Ahead Of Florida Senate Primary

Health  7 September '16

New TV Ad Attacks Marco Rubio’s Anti-Abortion Stance For Zika-Infected Women

Marco Rubio has boldly expressed that he is “strongly pro-life” and that all human life “should be protected by our law, irrespective of the circumstances or condition of that life." As an open criticicism, NARAL Pro-Choice America is paying $175,000 for a TV ad against Rubio's abortion stance.

Alligator Snatches 2-Year-Old Boy From Lake At Disney Resort

Toddler  7 September '16

Family Celebrates Third Birthday Of The Boy Killed By An Alligator At Disney World

Matt and Melissa Graves, together with a hundred more people, celebrated Lane Graves' first birthday in heaven and could have been third birthday here on earth.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Body  1 September '16

Zika Virus Outbreak Reaches Asia: Singapore Will Provide Free Testing For Women With High Zika Risk

Aedes mosquitoes, the main culprit behind the Zika transmission, thrive in Singapore. The mosquito specimen also spreads dengue virus, which the country also struggled with.

Brazil Continues Battle Against Zika Virus Ahead Of Olympic Games

Health  31 August '16

Zika Virus Infection Can Also Cause Hearing Loss In Babies Aside From Microcephaly & Eye Problems

Aside from microcephaly and hearing loss, babies infected with the Zika virus can also have eye defects and impaired growth. The Zika outbreak has already reached Florida in the United States, and in numerous countries and territories in the Americas.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Medicine  29 August '16

Canada’s New Device Against Zika Virus Is Capable Of Killing Huge Mosquito Populations In 21 Days

Canada has developed a new device touted to help the global fight against Zika virus. The device is capable of drastically destroying mosquito populations in just 21 days.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across Florida

Body  11 August '16

Zika Outbreak Reported in Florida: How Did it Get There in the First Place?

A pregnant sufferer of Zika has reported authorities regarding its presence in Florida.

Miami Neighborhood Battles Outbreak Of Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  5 August '16

Zika Virus Outbreak Threatens Florida's Billion Tourism Industry

Florida's tourism industry is set to face declining number of visitors because the first reports of the Zika virus in the United States happened in the state.

Miami Dade Mosquito Patrol Goes Door To Door In Miami To Prevent Zika Spread

Body  2 August '16

Zika Virus In America: ‘Actively Circulating’ Outbreak In Miami, Florida Prompts CDC To Issue Travel Warning

The 150-square-meter area, which is located north of downtown Miami, has an "actively circulating" Zika virus outbreak.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  1 August '16

Zika Virus in Florida; Mosquitoes Said to be Responsible for 4 New Cases

The Zika Virus has reached Florida, USA. Local officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus are likely responsible for the 4 recent cases.

AFI FEST 2012 Presented By Audi - 'Holy Motors' Special Screening - Arrivals

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  1 August '16

'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Game In 'Murder Capital?'

"GTA 6" is loudly speculated to take on a London map, however, the Rockstar game will like stay Stateside and Jacksonville, touted by many as the Murder capital of the US, has tons to offer.

Two Killed And At Least 15 Wounded At Night Club Shooting In Ft. Myers, FL

Family ♥ Story  26 July '16

Shooting in Florida Nightclub: Mom Of Killed Teen Prepared Her Son For Possible Gun Crime

The mother of one of the killed teenagers in the recent Florida nightclub shooting warned her son and advised him to know the exit doors, duck in the floor and hide under a table. Unfortunately, her son was shot in the parking lot.

Disney Installs Alligator Warning Signs In Aftermath Of Toddler Death At One Of Its Resorts

Health  21 July '16

Disney Gator Attack Update: No Lawsuit From Parents Of Dead 2-Year-Old; How They Intend To Keep Lane Graves’ Spirit Alive

In a statement released on Wednesday, July 20, Matt said he and his wife "are broken" over Lane's death. But they will solely focus on "the future health" of their family instead of filing a legal action against Disney.

U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Hosts Naturalization Ceremony In NYC

School  20 July '16

Student Discrimination In America: US School District Sued For Denying Education To Immigrants & Refugees

The Lancaster School District in Pennsylvania rejected at least 30 students over the course of three years and sent them to disciplinary high schools instead. The students, who have stayed in refugee camps for years, wanted the classes and services provided by traditional high schools.

Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate

Education  8 July '16

Gun Safety: Florida Dad Blames Himself for the Death of His 14 Year Old Son After Accidental Firing

Should guns be allowed in a home where there's kids?

Sale Of Automatic Weapons Comes Under Scrutiny After Orlando Shootings

Teens/Young Adults  5 July '16

Teen Boy Killed Accidentally By Dad While Practicing In A Shooting Lane With His Three Children

Stephen Brumby was fatally shot by his dad when they were practicing firing at a shooting range.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  30 June '16

Zika Outbreak News:First Baby With Zika-Related Defect Born In Florida

A baby born with Zika-related microcephaly has been born in Florida, the first for the state.

South Korea Commemorates 2nd Anniversary Of Sewol Disaster

School  22 June '16

High School Teachers Must Learn How To Properly Handle Emotionally Traumatized Students

High school educators play a huge role in helping emotionally traumatized pupils cope with their experiences and the horrific events they see through the media. Teachers are urged to display composed and proper coping skills.

Disney Installs Alligator Warning Signs In Aftermath Of Toddler Death At One Of Its Resorts

Toddler  21 June '16

Funeral for Lane Graves Held, Parents Establish Memorial Foundation For Son Killed In Alligator Attack

The parents of Lane Graves, the child who was killed in an alligator attack at Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa last week, has set up a foundation for him.

Alligator Snatches 2-Year-Old Boy From Lake At Disney Resort

Toddler  17 June '16

Disney Alligator Tragedy : Man Claims It Was Not a First, Says He Survived An Attack When he was Eight

A man has come forward saying that the Disney alligator tragedy that killed a two-year old boy earlier this week, is not the first.

Doctor Who Stars Visit Sydney As Part Of Their World Tour

TV/ Movie  14 June '16

‘Doctor Who’ Spinoff ‘Class’ To Feature LGBT Lead Character! [Details]

"Class" will feature a gay lead character with a boyfriend whom he loves. Writer Patrick Ness revealed the news in the wake of the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

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