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Women Studies Class Nail Care Lessons

School  29 March '17

Middle School's 'Women Studies' Course Criticized For Sexist Lessons On Grooming, Nail Care And Social Etiquette

The "Women Studies" course at the Eleanor Hall School in Canada was not the type of gender studies class most people expected.

Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Worldwide Day Of Play

School Age  5 February '17

Boys Don't Cry? Mom Gets Furious When Told Not To Baby Her 8-Year-Old Son - Here's What Happened!

Jaime Primak Sullivan doesn't believe in the gender stereotype that crying makes men weak.

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day

Fun & Games  27 December '16

Gender-Neutral Toys Still Affecting Girls Differently Than Boys In Subtle But Harmful Ways

Apparently, even the best product to promote a healthy perception about gender in kids could still be biased because of marketing.

President Obama Delivers Statement On The Economy

Politics  5 August '16

Glamour Magazine Features USA President Obama: His Personal Essay On What A Feminist Looks Like

In a powerful, 1,500-word essay, President Obama praises today's position of women in society whilst also acknowledging that there are a lot of things to work on which should start by changing one's self.

Arab And Jewish Children Study Together In Israeli School

Education  23 June '16

Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes: Boys And Girls Are Treated In The Classroom Differently

A recent stuy showed that the way teachers approach boys and girls in the classroom are partly to be blamed for reinforcing gender stereotypes and widening the difference of education boys and girls receive.

Princess Tiana's Official Induction Into The Disney Princess Royal Court

Development  22 June '16

Elsa, Anna Or Disney Princesses Bad For Children? 'Princess Culture' Hurting Preschooler Development Experts Say

The study implies that there's a long-term impact if children, especially girls, are too exposed to these animated characters as role models.

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