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Ex-NBA MVP Shaq O'Neal Offers Help To Pay Services Of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram

Issues  17 April '17

Ex-NBA MVP Shaq O'Neal Offers To Pay Funeral Services Of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram

Former basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal, who is now into philanthropy, offered a helping hand to Malachi Hemphill and said he can "imagine the pain" the family feels.

Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton

School Age  1 March '17

Georgia Couple Faces 19 Years Jail Time After Terrorizing African-American Kid's Birthday By Waving Confederate Flags, Uttering Racial Slurs

A Georgia couple was convicted to 20 and 15 years in prison for terrorizing a black kid and his family during the child's birthday.

Lawrenceville shooting

Teens/Young Adults  20 December '16

15-Year-Old Teen Arrested In Shooting 21-Year-Old Man Outside Daycare Center In Lawrenceville

A 15-year-old was arrested in the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old.

Corey Sligh

School Age  15 November '16

Former 'The Young and the Restless' Star Corey Sligh Arrested, Charged Over Child Molestation Accusations

The former "The Young and the Restless" star Corey Sligh was arrested and charged with child molestation.

Vote Testing

Dads  28 October '16

'Flipping' Presidential Votes? Voting Machine In Georgia Suspected Of Changing Votes

A voting machine found in Bryan County appeared to be "flipping" some Georgia voters' choices for president. The AJC reported the said problem to state elections officials and the machine was abruptly removed from service.

Georgia killing

Teens/Young Adults  24 October '16

Two Children Fatally Shot By Home Invaders, Parents Were Away During Horrifying Encounter

Two children were shot by home invaders on Saturday while their parents were away.

Rash of Violence Plagues Holiday Weekend

Toddler  19 October '16

Abducted 4-Year-Old Girl Rebecca Lewis Rescued Thanks To Heroic Tennessee Hospital Assistant

Kaytlin Brown, a clinical assistant at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, saw Rebecca Lewis and her alleged kidnapper, West Hogs, while she was walking down a hallway at the hospital on Oct. 10. Brown saw Lewis’ photo in an AMBER Alert poster via Facebook moments before seeing the child with Hogs in the hospital.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

Politics  7 July '16

Thirteen-State Coalition Steps Up The Legal Fight Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The 13-state coalition has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the Obama transgender bathroom policy's enforcement while the lawsuit is ongoing. Texas AG Ken Paxton said the Obama administration is equating the term "sex" with "gender identity" in federal laws.

Egg Prices Rise 40 Percent After Major Salmonella Outbreak

Food  6 June '16

Stay Off The Birds: Live Poultry Linked To Salmonella Outbreak in 35 US States

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health warning following the recent salmonella outbreak in 35 states. CDC officials have warned people against coming into direct contact with live poultry such as chicks and ducklings.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Homeschooling  27 May '16

Georgia And Washington Become Home Schooling Hotbed, What Are The Benefits Of Homeschooling?

Parents are schooling choosing to homeschool their children in Washington and in the Washington area.

Casa Herradura Visits Atlanta

Toddler  14 May '16

Dad Arrested After Getting Drunk With His 3-Year-Old Toddler

Georgia father arrested for getting drunk with his three-year-old toddler.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Science  11 May '16

Artificial Intelligence News & Update: AI Online TA Jill Watson Successfully Fooled Students

Ashok Goel created an AI teaching assistant and his students did not recognize it.

New Orleans Housing Projects Face Demolition

Body  3 May '16

Lung Cancer News & Updates: Racial Segregation In Neighborhoods Determines Who Gets Treatment For Deadly Disease

Blacks in segregated neighborhoods get less treatment for their lung cancers compared to their white counterparts. Economic status and racial class contribute to these problems.

Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Feeding  27 April '16

Breastfeeding Mothers Should Never Mix Their Breastmilk With Water

A 10-week-old baby died after she was fed with breast milk diluted with water.

Game Maker Square Enix's Holds Event At E3 Conference

Dads  26 April '16

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Disney Has Once Considered Gargoyles For The Title; Game Delayed Again

According to new reports "Gargoyles" was once considered for "Kingdom Hearts 3" but it is no longer happening.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

SPED Kids  19 April '16

How Parents Can Guide Children With Autism Through Puberty

Rebekah McNair shares helpful tips on how parents can guide their special kids through puberty.

Children Undergo Stringent Educational Program At China's West Point

News  18 April '16

Principal Paddles 5-Year-Old Boy: Mom Said She Was Threatened Of Being Arrested If She Refused

A mother exposed a school that threatened to send her to jail if she refused to allow school administrators to discipline her son by way of paddling.

Children aged 5-6 meditating in a privat

Parenting  29 March '16

'Namaste' Taught in Elementary School Enrages Parents; School Apologizes

Parents of an elementary school in Georgia were enraged after kids were taught yoga and namaste.

Georgia Teacher Resigns After Knocking Down Special Needs Student [VIDEO]

News  26 March '16

Georgia Teacher Resigns After Knocking Down Special Needs Student [VIDEO]

A Georgia teacher resigned after a surveillance video allegedly showed her knocking down a special needs student.

Bear, lion and tiger friends living together like brothers.

Parenting  3 March '16

Strange Friends: Bear, Lion and Tiger Share a Sad Past Making Them BFFs for 15 Years

These bear, lion and tiger friends treat each other like brothers for 15 years, a bond brought about by a horrific past they share.

Georgia Woman Becomes a Weight Lifter after Almost Becoming Paralyzed

Health/Nutrition  14 November '13

Georgia Woman Becomes a Weight Lifter after Almost Becoming Paralyzed

A woman from Georgia almost became paralyzed due to a horseback riding accident but recovered and even became a weight lifter, according to the Daily Mail.

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