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Sleep Hours Affect School Start Times

Parenting  20 April '17

School Start Times: Sleep Doctors Say HS Kids Avoid Accidents, Depression With Later School Time

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) members recommend an 8:30 a.m. school start time for high schools.

Start School Later Gets Needed Support

School  21 February '17

Legislation For Kids: Senator Files Bill Pushing School To Start An Hour Later

A bill filed by Senator Anthony Portantino would require schools to start the day at a later time than the regular schedule.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Education  1 February '17

Nebraska Lawmaker Passes Bill To Help Teen Moms Graduate From High School

State data shows that 70 percent of teens who get pregnant no longer go back to school.

Indian IT Industry Moves Into The Consumer Market

School  24 December '16

Junior High Math Teacher Gets Reprimanded For Using Inappropriate Word In A Math Problem

This teacher got in trouble for using a word he shouldn't have when he asked his students to solve a math problem.

Christmas decors

Teens/Young Adults  15 December '16

Teens Possibly Responsible For Theft, Destruction Of Christmas Decors At 40 Homes Arrested! Glitter At Car’s Backseat Led To Arrest

Teenagers are believed to be behind the crime spree at 40 homes at Mountain Home.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Utah High School Stabbing Update: 16-Year-Old Teen Who Injured Five Other Students Has Suicidal, Harmful Thoughts Since He Was Young

New updates were released about the 16-year-old who stabbed five other students at a locker room in Orem, Utah.

Teen Parenting & High School: The Struggles And Joys Of Balancing Motherhood And Education

Education  22 November '16

Teen Parenting & High School: The Struggles And Joys Of Balancing Motherhood And Education

Surviving the emotional jungle of high school is tough enough, adding pregnancy and teen parenting to it catapults the experience into an entirely different level often steep, but totally priceless.

Arabs And Muslims Rally In San Francisco

School  19 October '16

Oklahoman Teacher Gets Into Trouble After ‘To Be White Is To Be Racist’ Rant Went Viral

A teacher makes a controversial claim in class that offends a student.and gets the teacher into a pit of trouble.

Louisiana 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

College Success  23 August '16

High School Students’ Academic Achievements Indicate Which Job Markets They Will Pursue

A new report found that high school students who have high test scores and attended higher-level classes were more inclined to take up jobs in workforces where there are plenty of college-educated people. That is also the case for people with a college degree.

Women Attend Marine Boot Camp At Parris Island, South Carolina

School  16 August '16

More Women Are Being Recruited By The U.S. Marines, High School Athletes Targeted

Marine Commandant Neller wants more women in the U.S. Marines and has since launched a nationwide search for women to join onboard, with Major Gen. Paul Kennedy as the recruitment head.

Maryland Tests Concept of Public Military School

School  14 August '16

Education Trends: What You Need To Know About Public Schools In The US; The System Is Disappointing The Students

Public schools in the U.S. are facing an alarming problem. Know the reason why.

General Election - Education

Teens/Young Adults  13 August '16

Upcoming Superhero Film Focuses on the Negative Effects of Drug Use

"Heroes Rising" is a film that tries to sway teens from drug use and even lets them help in the making of the movie as well.

The Annual Notting Hill Carnival Celebrations 2013

K-12 Reform  29 July '16

High School Policy Banning Dreadlocks, Other Natural Hair Styles Of Blacks Raises Concern

A Kentucky high school's hair policy has raised eyebrows as it bans hair styles natural to African-Americans.

In Dilga, Rural Roma Struggle For A Better Life

School  9 July '16

The Value Of Homework: Previous Researches Discounting Its Value May Have Been Inaccurate

Measurement of variables in previous researches about homeworks may have been inaccurate, according to a cognitive scientist's analysis of a recent study.


Behavior  3 July '16

Underage Drinking: Better Parenting Decreases Number of Cases in the Past 10 Years

A report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies shows that better parenting has lessend instances of underage drinking.

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally

School  24 June '16

Remembering History Through Documenting It: Students Win Big In Annual Awards

This year's National History Day Awards awarded more than 300 middle and high school students with $150,000 worth of prizes and scholarships for the papers, documentaries, exhibits, performances and websites they passed.

Activists Rally In Front Of U.S. Supreme Court

School  12 June '16

Multiple US States Get Educational Budget Cuts, Spark Protests

A number of states in the United States are getting their educational budgets cut, which could spell the end for multiple teaching positions and even schools themselves.

California Department of Public Health Calls E-Cigarettes A Health Threat And Calls For Regulation

Health/Nutrition  11 June '16

Cigarette Smoking Becoming Less Popular Among High School Students; E-Cigarettes Gaining Popularity

Behaviors such as fighting and cigarette smoking are now less popular, but the use of e-cigarettes and smartphones are now becoming more popular.

Graduation Caps

College Success  10 June '16

This Mother and Son’s Graduation Is an Inspiring Story, Find Out Why

She got Pregnant so she needed to drop out of high school. After 18 years, she is now graduating with her son in June. Here is their story.

China's Annual National College Entrance Exam 2016

School  8 June '16

Drones, Checkpoints, And Biometrics: The Chinese National College Entrance Exams

With security measures that resemble that of the CIA's, the Gaokao (Chinese College Entrance Exam) is regarded as one of the most intense and most important exams any student will ever take.

2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  31 May '16

'Girl Meets World' Season 3 Spoilers: Riley, Maya And The Gang Unhappy In High School?; New Season Relives 'Boy Meets World?'

"Girl Meets World" Season 3 will feature several scenes similar to "Boy Meets World."

Exercise Class

School  26 May '16

Sex In School: Is Snapchat Documented Incident With 15-Year Old, Multiple Partners A Signal Of A Bigger Failure?

Is the recent Snapchat documented sex-related incident in a Florida high school indicative of a far bigger failure among educational insitutions?

Lord & Taylor Flagship Prom Fashion Show #BestNightEver

Teens/Young Adults  23 May '16

Prom News And Update: Female Student Kicked Out Of School Prom After Wearing A Suit Instead Of A Dress

Aniya Wolf did not get to attend her school prom because she was asked to leave after coming to the event on a suit.

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