HIV: A New Perspective

Medicine  22 November '16

Free HIV Testing Service in Florence

Every Friday from noon until 6 in the evening, a temporary free testing and counselling program was initiated by Lane Country Health Officials to Coastal Residences in Florence because of the HIV outbreak.

Activists Ptotest Crackdown On Medical Marijuana In San Francisco

Autism  30 September '16

Medical Marijuana As Autism Treatment? Texas Lawmakers Urged To Expand Cannabis Usage Beyond Intractable Epilepsy

Texas lawmakers are being urged to expand the Compassionate Use Act for other medical conditions such as autism. Medical marijuana involves using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat or manage a disease and its symptoms.

Hospitals Treat HIV Infected Patients

Teens/Young Adults  22 June '16

Adolescents with HIV should engage in care as soon as they are diagnosed so the can stay in care longer

A recent study has it that only 62 percent of newly-diagnosed young adults with HIV immediately link with care providers.

World AIDS Day Preparations

Health  13 June '16

Thailand Successfully Eradicates Mother to Child HIV Transmission

Thailand is the first country in Asia to successfully eradicate mother to child HIV transmission.

6th Biennial UNICEF Ball - Arrivals

Dads  9 June '16

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham Says Fatherhood Made Him More Emphatic With HIV/AIDS Infected Children In Swaziland

David Beckham has urged the international community to help him offer support and resources to impoverished children in Africa. HIV/AIDS, as well as drought, continue to affect the region.

Los Angeles To Not Enforce Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

Politics  8 June '16

What To Expect Now That Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signed Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into Law

Ohio's medical marijuana program will cover illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, ALS, cancer, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and Tourette's syndrome. The bill will take effect in three months.

World AIDS Day Preparations

Body  8 June '16

How Focusing On The LGBT Community Can Help China Beat HIV/AIDS Further

Stigma and discrimination undermine China's fight against HIV/AIDS. The LGBT community, for instance, is facing civil rights inequality that includes access to AIDS treatments.

Orthodox Jews Hold Circumcision Ceremony

Body  10 May '16

Can Circumcision Keep Boys Healthier? Studies Say Yes!

A young professor has pointed out how the health benefits of circumcision could outweigh the risks of the procedure.

Women Empowerment In An AIDS Ridden Society

Body  5 May '16

HIV/AIDS News & Updates: US-Funded Abstinence & Faithfulness Programs Are Ineffective Among African

The efforts made by the U.S. government to curb HIV/AIDS rates in Africa are reportedly ineffective. HIV/AIDS infection rates are higher among young African women than their men counterparts.

AIDS Activists Stage Large Demonstration March Outside International AIDS Conference In DC

Body  29 April '16

Minnesota Records 24 Percent Hike In HIV/AIDS Infection Rate Among Teenagers, Drug Users and Minorities

Minnesota saw a rise of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Teenagers, minorities and drug users are the main carriers of the disease.

Actor Charlie Sheen Makes Announcement On Today Show During Interview With Matt Lauer

News  1 March '16

Charlie Sheen Brings His HIV To Oscars Party, Steals Spotlight From Elton John - What Did Actor Do?

The actor told the world he's positive for HIV in November 2015.

Aids Day Is Marked Around The World

Health/Nutrition  8 February '16

CHABAC United In The Hope Of Fighting HIV AIDS In The Black Communities

Active education dissemination to prevent further increase of HIV AIDS cases is ongoing to decrease the statistical number.

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