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American Children Opt to Consume Fries As their Vegetable Consumption

Children  2 May '17

Majority Of American Kids Rely On French Fries For Their Source Of Vegetables

Kids are getting unhealthier as the years progressed as they refuse to have their daily vegetable intake.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Speaks At The Cannabis Business Summit And Expo

Health  30 July '16

Accidental Marijuana Consumption Among Children in Colorado Increased Since the Legalization

Children in Colorado are being sent to the hospital for accidental marijuana consumption.

Nazareth House Care Workers Look After Single Mothers In Need

Autism  27 July '16

Autism News: Inducing Labor Does Not Lead To Greater Risk Of Autism, Study Says

A study found no link between induced labor and autism.

Government Plans Education Summit

Development  8 June '16

Children Who Were Born Late Perform Better In School But Have Worse Physical Health

Cognitive functioning in school was found to be better in children born late but the opposite was observed when it came to physical functioning.

Surviving Childbirth In Afghanistan

Pregnancy  25 May '16

Low Income, Fewer Sex Life And Poor Health In Adulthood Tied To Premature Birth

Premature babies do not typically become go-getters when they become adults. This is why they tend to have low income, are less healthier and have lower sex lives than their full-term counterparts.

Haitians Continue To Struggle One Month After Earthquake

Health  25 May '16

Researchers Study Premature Babies And Their Lifelong Struggles, Here's What The Study Finds

Babies born prematurely or with extremely low birth weight were found to face life-long struggles in terms of health and socio-economic conditions.

Sales Of Diet Soda Drop Sharply In 2013

Health  12 May '16

Could Artificial Sweeteners In Diet Drinks Make Your Baby Fat? Study Says It’s Worst Than Soda

The effect of diet drinks may not be seen when the infant is born, but it would be apparent after a year.

Diet Sodas May Create Same Heart Attack Risk As Regular Sodas

Pregnancy  10 May '16

Pregnant Mothers Who Drink Diet Softdrinks Are More Likely To Have Obese Children

Diet soda is not a health-conscious choice. In fact, pregnant women who regularly drink beverages with artificial sweeteners are more likely to have obese or overweight children.

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Infant  26 April '16

Rice Cereals And Snacks Dangerous To Infants Due To Arsenic?

A new study finds infants are exposed to a known carcinogen called arsenic. Experts say rice products such as cereals contain high levels of it.

Easter Auction At Sydney Fish Market

Health/Nutrition  31 March '16

Too Much Fish Consumption During Pregnancy Can Make Child Obese

Pregnant women are warned not to eat too much fish since this can lead to obesity of their children.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  12 January '16

Baby's Long-Term Health Affected By Natural Delivery and Breastfeeding, According to JAMA Pediatrics Research

The way a baby was delivered and how it is fed after birth have a long-term impact on the child's health according to research. Find more here.

Funding An Issue For Program That Helps New Mothers

Health/Nutrition  8 January '16

Is It Safe To Use Antidepressants During Pregnancy? Read Here What The Latest Research Says

A new research shows if there is a link between the use of antidepressants while pregnant and the development of autism in the child.

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