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Same-sex marriage

Issues  13 April '17

NC Proposes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage Amid Economic Turmoil Of Transgender Bathroom Bill

North Carolina proposed a bill banning same-sex marriage in the state.

President Donald Trump

Teens/Young Adults  23 February '17

Trump Administration On Transgender Bathroom Law: Expect Changes On Guidelines Amid Lifting Of Obama's Federal Protections

The president's men might alter some of the guidelines of the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

Same-sex marriage

Teens/Young Adults  22 February '17

Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Has Another Positive Effect: Decreasing Suicide Rate Of LGBT Teens

After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, it was recorded that there was a decrease in the suicide rate of teenagers.

Meryl Streep

School  13 February '17

Meryl Streep Gives Emotional Human Rights Campaign Speech, Defends Trans Teacher And Slams Donald Trump Once Again

The multi-award winning actress was honored with the Equality Award in the said event and talked about a trans teacher who mattered to her.

Manny Gutierrez

Family Life  19 January '17

A Father's Love: First Male Maybelline Ambassador Manny Gutierrez's Father Shoots Back At Hateful Blogger, Says He Supports Son

Manny Gutierrez, the first male Maybelline ambassador was bashed by a blogger and his father came to his defense.

Woman wearing a hijab

School  14 November '16

Police: University Of Michigan Student Threatened To Be Set On Fire If She Did Not Remove Hijab

A University of Michigan student was threatened to be set on fire.

Hillary Clinton Attends New York City Pride March

School  19 July '16

California Will Start To Teach History Of The LGBT Community; Why Should Other States Follow Suit?

The history of LGBT lives and struggles should be included on the school curriculum nationwide, to be studied along other marginalized groups.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

School  18 July '16

Transgender Children's Gets Gender Neutral Address: Teachers In UK Boarding Schools Will Not Call Trans Kids ‘He’ Or ‘She’ Anymore

Teachers will now have to address transgender children as 'zie.' The new form of address is part of the association's move to provide a "new language" for students who don't want to be called as 'he' or 'she.'

LGBT Lessons Making Their Way In Classroom Instructions

School  15 July '16

Paradigm Shift: Why LGBT Lessons Should Be Taught In Classrooms

After the law was passed in Congress, lessons on the LGBT community as well as their social contributions are now included in classroom instruction.

Rally On Steps Of California State Capitol Protests Passage Of Prop 8

School  15 July '16

Changing The Curriculum: California To Be The First School District To Teach LGBT History Subject To Students

The update, which covers elementary, middle, and high school pupils, requires public schools to teach about LGBT rights and renowned gay Americans during history classes. The new curriculum guidelines reflect the state's commitment to diversity.

Munich Introduces Homosexual Pedestrian Light Figures

Relationship  26 June '16

Parenting And Heterosexuality: How The Assumption Of Heterosexuality Can Hurt Children

Parents often presume their children’s heterosexuality or “straightness” based on their gender. However, making assumptions on their sexuality can be harmful to children.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

TV/ Movie  12 June '16

Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Victims And Families Remembered And Honored At Tony Awards 2016

The 70th Tony Awards ceremony is dedicated to the victims and families of the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S.' history. President Obama and other groups have called Omar Mateen's shooting spree at the Pulse gay nightclub as a hate crime against the LGBT community.

World AIDS Day Preparations

Body  8 June '16

How Focusing On The LGBT Community Can Help China Beat HIV/AIDS Further

Stigma and discrimination undermine China's fight against HIV/AIDS. The LGBT community, for instance, is facing civil rights inequality that includes access to AIDS treatments.

Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration TV Special

Development  5 May '16

'Frozen 2' LGBT Film: Call To Give Elsa A Girlfriend Spreads, Lesbian Outing In Disney Sequel A Weak Compromise?

The call from the LGBT community to turn "Frozen 2" into a gay-themed fairy tale is growing, however, is this lesbian outing in the sequel an unworthy compromise?

General Election - Education

School  11 April '16

Sex Education Senate Bill Pending: Sex Ed Should Include LGBT Concerns And Be Medically Precise

Learn more details about this sex education bill and its potential benefits for the students.

Iowa Supreme Court Unanimously Approves Gay Marriages

Parenting  14 March '16

5 Things You Should Do When Your Child Comes Out To You As Gay

It is not easy for some parents to accept their child they come out as gay, which is why we decided to give you some tips on how you could handle it.

Gay Pride Rally In Tel Aviv

Family Life  2 February '16

Transgender Siblings: Brother And Sister Have Become Sister And Brother

Learn more about the story of two transgender siblings, the difficulties they face and how their parents reacted to the truth.

LGBT Groups Protest Outside The BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Awards

Family Life  10 January '16

Bisexuals Are Gaining Population As Per Recent Survey By CDC

Bisexual men and women are rising these days and are even gaining more acceptance with their orientation.

Prince William

Family Life  23 September '15

Prince William Talks Against Homophobia, Bullying; Honors Mother's Memory At Charity Event

Prince William said he knows he can count on his wife, his brother, father and grandparents and even his dog, Lupo, to come to his defense if ever he was bullied. The 33-year-old royal and heir to the throne revealed this fact at an anti-bullying seminar mounted by his mother's charity, the Diana Award.

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