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Activists Ptotest Crackdown On Medical Marijuana In San Francisco

Autism  30 September '16

Medical Marijuana As Autism Treatment? Texas Lawmakers Urged To Expand Cannabis Usage Beyond Intractable Epilepsy

Texas lawmakers are being urged to expand the Compassionate Use Act for other medical conditions such as autism. Medical marijuana involves using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat or manage a disease and its symptoms.

Los Angeles To Not Enforce Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

Politics  8 June '16

What To Expect Now That Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signed Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into Law

Ohio's medical marijuana program will cover illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, ALS, cancer, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and Tourette's syndrome. The bill will take effect in three months.

Third Wave Artisinal Coffee Roasters Find Niche

Body  1 June '16

Drinking Coffee Before Exercising Linked To More Productive Workout Sessions

Reaching for a cup of joe before exercising leads to more productive workout sessions. Coffee contains dopamine, a feel-good compound that helps people enjoy exercising.

Pfizer's Second Quarter Net Income Shows Large Gain, More Than Doubles

Body  11 May '16

Cholesterol Drugs Are About To Be More Expensive: Cigna Inks Deal With Amgen & Sanofi For Results-Based Medicine Cost

The price of cholesterol drugs manufactured by Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron will not be results-based. The medication will get more expensive if patients' cholesterol levels aren't reduced.

New Guidelines on Assisted Suicide Released

Medicine  3 May '16

Multiple Sclerosis News: European Research Program To Monitor Multiple Sclerosis Through Wearable Device, Smartphones As EU Approves Biogen, AbbVie MS Drugs

Biogen and AbbVie’s self-administered multiple sclerosis injection has finally gained the approval of European regulators while a major research has been developing ways to monitor three main central nervous system diseases.

Jakarta Bee Center Uses Bee Stings To Treat Disease

Medicine  3 May '16

Bee Sting Therapy Used By Specialist To Cure Variety Of Diseases Including Cancer, Autism & Cerebral Palsy

A man in Gaza is using bee sting therapy to cure his patients from chronic and fatal illnesses. Apitherapy, or bee therapy, is an ancient practice that has been gaining followers all over the world.

Gaza Clinic Deals With Effects Of Diet Deficiencies

Pregnancy  9 March '16

Children of Vitamin D-Deficient Mothers Have Greater Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis

Medical researchers found that the lack of sufficient vitamin D levels in pregnant women increases their child's risk of developing multiple sclerosis as they get older.


Health/Nutrition  5 March '16

Drinking at Least 4 Cups of Coffee Daily Can Lower the Risk of Having Multiple Sclerosis, Study Says

A new study revealed that aside from giving your energy a boost in the morning, coffee can also lower your risk of having multiple sclerosis.

Couple in bed

Family Life  24 February '16

Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Things That Can Deflate Erection

You can prevent erectile dysfunction by learning its different causes.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

null  27 January '16

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: My Son 'Doesn't Look At Me Any Differently' Despite Her Multiple Sclerosis Battle

Jamie-Lynn Sigler revealed her illness and how her son inspired her to stay strong despite the difficulties.

Human brain

Health/Nutrition  10 February '14

Protein has potential to repair damaged brain tissue in MS: Study

A "potentially novel therapeutic target" can reduce the deterioration rate of damaged brain cells and instead promote their growth in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, stated in a press release.

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