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Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  2 December '16

How Placebo Treatments Fool Parents Into Thinking That Their Child With Autism Is Getting Better

Parents who use alternative autism treatments choose to believe that their child is getting better than accepting that they have been fooled. Usually, these treatments are placebos that don't contain any ingredient that can affect a person's health at all.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Behavior  17 May '16

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Decrease Aggression In Children

Children with aggression who took Omega-3 fatty acids improved their behavior in the short term.

The Eurozone Crisis Deepens As Greece Attempts To Avoid Bankruptcy

Body  13 May '16

Anti-Cancer Diet: 5 Best Foods For Breast Cancer Prevention

Studies show that eating a healthy diet might help reduce a person's risk of getting breast cancer.

9.5 Million Students Sit National College Entrance Examination

Food  29 March '16

Food For Thought: Top 3 Foods To Eat Before Taking An Exam

Eating these can give you a sharper mind.

Images Of Vegetable Cooking Oil at Wholesail And Retail Outlets as Demand Grows

Food  22 March '16

Get To Know The Healthy Oils And How They Benefit You

Get to know which oil is the healthiest and which may not be as healthy as you thought

Depressed woman hiding her face in her hand, UK

Food  21 March '16

Anti-Depression Diet: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Control Depression Symptoms, According To Research

Find out how omega-3s help fight depression.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Pregnancy  19 March '16

First Trimester Pregnancy Tips: 3 Things Pregnant Women Need To Do

Discover the best way to have a healthy first trimester of pregnancy.

Food arranged in a pie-chart, c 1990s.

Pregnancy  15 March '16

Healthy Fertility Diet: 5 Best Foods To Eat Before Getting Pregnant

Improve your chances of getting pregnant by eating this nutritious diet.

Vegetable Food

Food  6 March '16

Anti-Cancer Diet: 5 Best Foods For Cancer Prevention

Reduce your cancer risk by eating these healthy and nutritious food.

Hercules In New York

Food  4 March '16

How To Build Bigger And Stronger Muscles: Top 5 Best Foods For Bodybuilding

Discover the kinds of food that can help you build muscle mass faster.

Retail Inside a Waitrose Ltd. Supermarket As U.K. Economy Grows

Food  17 February '16

Organic Food Can Boost Health; Milk and Meat Contain Higher Levels Of Nutrients And Omega-3 Acids Study Suggests

Organic produce offers higher benefits in some vitamins and minerals compared to non-organic counterparts especially omega-3 fatty acids beneficial in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Daily Life At Japan's Tsukiji Market

Health/Nutrition  12 February '16

Seafood May Prevent Alzheimer’s And Dementia; Mercury In Fish Does Not Lead To Mental Decline

Eating seafood, particularly fish, can help prevent or slow down people at risk of Alzheimer's and dementia as the mercury found in fish does not cause any known brain decline.

Bug off: scientists devise family tree of world's insects

Food  19 January '16

Insects Protein Extraction Produces Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Insect oil is a sustainable source of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids which has lots of benefits for human beings.

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