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Teen Fights  For Planned Parenthood

Children  17 April '17

Planned Parenthood Defunding: 16-Year-Old Girl Corners Republican Lawmaker, Asks Why He's Taking Away Her Rights

Deja Foxx, 16, said she spoke up for many women in America who rely on Planned Parenthood for women's health issues.

Planned Parenthood

Parenting  14 April '17

President Donald Trump Signs Bill To Withhold Federal Funding Against Organizations, Clinics Offering Abortion Services

President Donald Trump signed a bill allowing states to withhold federal assistance against organization and clinics providing abortion.

Planned Parenthood

Health/Nutrition  31 March '17

Federal Appeals Court Orders Banning Of Release Of Anti-Abortion Group Videos Against Planned Parenthood

An anti-abortion group secretly recorded Planned Parenthood employees in an attempt to expose the abortion organization.

Ivanka Trump Pro-Life O Pro-Choice?

Pregnancy  10 March '17

Ivanka Trump Abortion Stance: Did She Back Planned Parenthood Against Her Father's Wishes?

U.S. presidential daughter Ivanka Trump has not made her stance officially clear but some of her actions have been deemed as pro-choice.

Planned Parenthood Vow To Continue Providing Reproductive Health Services For Women

Pregnancy  7 March '17

Planned Parenthood Funding Stays But Only If It Keeps Abortion Out

President Donald Trump had a change of heart about defunding Planned Parenthood but only if it discontinues providing abortion services.

Abortion, Fashion and Planned Parenthood

Pregnancy  2 March '17

Abortion As A Fashion Statement? How Celebrities And Designers Push Planned Parenthood Agenda

Stars are seen sporting a gold pin with the organization's logo, but some say it's like supporting the killing of babies.

Cecile Richards

Pregnancy  10 February '17

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Wants Women To Brag About Their Abortion, Says Now Is The Time To Be Bold

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, wants women to brag about their abortion.

Anti-Abortion Activists March In Washington

Mind  20 December '16

Being Denied Getting An Abortion Could Possibly Cause Mental Illness Than Abortion Itself, New Study

Contrary to popular belief, abortion doesn't affect the mental health of a person but being denied to have one could.

Nick Cannon Visits SiriusXM's The Heat Channel

Dads  1 December '16

‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Nick Cannon Slams Planned Parenthood, Says It Inflicts ‘Real Genocide’

Nick Cannon slammed Planned Parenthood in a recent interview. He said that the reproductive health organization endorses "population control" and promotes "modern day eugenics."

Katy Perry

Dads  14 November '16

Post Donald Trump Victory: Katy Perry Donates $10,000 To Planned Parenthood; President-Elect Does Not Support Abortion

Katy Perry took to Instagram to announce that she donated $10,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Pill Becomes Available in U.S.

Pregnancy  2 November '16

Abortion Pills Demand Rising: More Women Choosing Medication Over Surgical Abortion For Pregnancy Termination

In recent years, nearly half of pregnant women in America are going for medication when surgery used to be the more popular choice.

Pro-Life Activist David Daleiden Appears In Court Over Planned Parenthood Video Sting

Health/Nutrition  27 July '16

All Felony Charges Had Been Dropped Against Anti-Abortion Activists After Probing Into Planned Parenthood

All charges against pro-life advocates, David Daleiden and Sandra Meritt had been dropped after prosecutors ruled that their charges are legally flawed. They were indicted during the extension period of Planned Parenthood's investigation which Texas law does not allow.

Boot Camp For First Time Dads

Infant  18 July '16

'Boot Camp For New Dads': It’s Not Baby Sitting, It’s Called Parenting

Looking after a new-born child may appear twice as difficult as it seems. But for these first-time dads, attending classes in a bootcamp is the solution.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

Down Syndrome  7 July '16

Indiana Court Stops Law Prohibiting Abortion Of Fetuses With Down Syndrome

A law preventing abortion of of fetuses witth Down Syndrome has been stopped by an Indiana court.

Abortion in Texas

Pregnancy  1 July '16

Planned Parenthood: Working With Eight States To Repeal Abortion Ruling of Supreme Court

After the United States Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the abortion law in Texas, Planned Parenthood has announced that it will work with eight states to repeal the decision.

Comedian Chelsea Handler speaks on Brangelina divorce on Netflix.

Pregnancy  28 June '16

Two Abortions at 16: Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Her Abortion Chronicles

Chelsea Handler opened up about having two abortions at the age of 16.

Planned Parenthood Shooting

Mind  13 May '16

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Declared Unfit To Stand Trial

According to Judge Gilbert A. Martinez, the suspect is “mentally incompetent” and announced that Dear must be sent to a mental hospital to restore his competency.

Sen. Patty Murray Discusses Komen's Turnaround In Their Planned Parenthood Funding

Puberty  10 May '16

Planned Parenthood: Will They Provide Transgender Health Care Services Including Hormonal Treatments?

Planned Parenthood is in the works of providing transgender health care treatments.

Rally Held In Support Of Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding - DC

Pregnancy  21 April '16

Abortion, Planned Parenthood: Documents Prove Baby Body Parts Profitable; Here's The Shocking Cost

Investigation into the activities of abortion clinics are still underway at Congress.

Participants hold pink Planned Parenthood banner and signs.

Health/Nutrition  28 December '15

Get Ready For A Big Fight: Texas Officials Slash $600,000 For Planned Parenthood's Anti-HIV Efforts

Texas officials decide to cut of funds for Planned Parenthood's Anti-HIV efforts in order to defun the controversial organization.

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

Family Life  31 July '15

Planned Parenthood Update: New Videos Blocked From Release, US Court Releases TRO -- Details Here

A temporary restraining order was ordered against CMP regarding videos released for allegations of fetal body part selling conducted by Planned Parenthood. CMP claims that they still have nine videos ready for release, Lifesite News reports.

Protesters standing for Planned Parenthood in 2011

Parenting  16 July '15

US Congress Launches Investigation on Plant Parenthood After Alleged Sale of Fetal Body Parts

A controversial footage released on Tuesday, showing Planned Parenthood Senior Director, Deborah Nucatola, admitting to selling fetal body parts, left the U.S. Congress alarmed and immediately took action. An investigation on the reproductive health group is already being probed, BBC News reports. US Congress releases orders to investigate Planned Parenthood after allegations of illegal selling fetal body tissues caught on a hidden video camera.

Anti-Abortion Activists Protest In Washington

Parenting  8 June '15

Abortion Rates Decline Across The United States

Since 2010, the abortion rates across the United States have dropped 12 percent, reveals an Associated Press survey.

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