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Artificial Womb For Premature Babies

Children  27 April '17

Hope For Premature Babies: Artificial Womb Technology To Save Preemies? Scientists Succeeds In Lamb Test

Have scientists from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia found the answer to helping premature babies develop normally in this artificial womb experiment?

Pro Life Campaigners Rally Outisde The Marie Stopes Clinic In Belfast

Health  31 January '17

Twins Born At 23 Weeks Surviving Well, Miracle Babies Raise Abortion Question - Should Termination Limit Be Lowered?

Most abortion laws have a 24-week limitation but the twins are proving that babies can survive outside the womb at less time than this.

Pregnancy and Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Postpartum  2 December '16

Pregnancy And Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Studies reveal higher susceptibility of mothers of premature babies to depression and anxiety attacks and are encouraged to get help.

Smoking among Michigan pregnant women on the rise

Health  19 November '16

Reports Says More Pregnant Smokers in Michigan

A report by the Michigan League for Public Policy show an increas in the number of women smoking during pregnancy in Michigan and this was blamed for the increasing number of pre-term births.

Haiti Struggles With Death And Destruction After Catastrophic Earthquake

Health  9 August '16

Baby Health: Device To Treat Breathing Problems In Premature Infants Developed

Scientists have found a way to treat breathing problems in premature infants.

Mothers Who Are Prone to Premature Births Can Undergo Cervical Cerclage

Pregnancy  9 August '16

Solving Premature Birth Problems Can Be Easy

Premature birth can lead to some diseases to the newborn child or later on when he or she gets older. It is always best to complete the 280 days pregnancy. To solve the problem with premature birth, doctors go for celvix stitching.

Indian Doctor Provides Free Care For Women In Need

Health  5 August '16

Hundreds Of Babies Become Stillborn Or Premature Due To Wrong Thread Used In Cervical Stitch Procedures

One in 200 pregnant women at risk of miscarriage or delivering their babies early undergo cervical stitch procedures. The study found that the thread used in majority of these procedures is thicker, which stimulates the growth of bacteria in the cervix.

A study reveals that premature births can be cut out to 20 percent when expecting mothers get their flu jab

Health  14 June '16

Premature Birth Prevention: Pregnancy Flu Vaccine Could Reduce Risk, New Research Suggests

A recent research has established that chances of premature births can be decreased by getting a flu jab during pregnancy.

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Health  18 May '16

Study: SSRI Antidepressant Exposure Can Cause Lower Birth Weight In Infants And Premature Birth

A new study reveals that anti-depressants can cause lower birth weights in infants. In addition to that, there is a huge possibility that women on SSRIs can give birth to premature babies.


Infant  17 June '15

Stress, Worry of Premature Birth Does Not Adversely Influence Parenting

A recent study from the University of Warwick revealed that premature birth does affect a mother's parenting behaviour.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Jurassic World' - Red Carpet

News  15 June '15

'Jurassic World 2' Trailer, Cast & Plot: Chris Pratt Confirms Sequel? Actor Loved Shooting in Hawaii With The Family

Actor Chris Pratt has made a statement about possible sequels for the blockbuster hit "Jurassic World."

A newborn baby.

Parenting  7 May '15

Preterm Infants, Babies at Greater Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders & A New Study Reveals Just Why

In an astounding finding revealed, a Medical News Today article announced that about 450,000 infants in the United States were born preterm, or 37 weeks prior to gestation, in 2012.

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