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School Vouchers For Religious Subsidy

Parenting  27 April '17

School Vouchers Subsidize Religion? Here's Why This Perception About Private Schools Is Misguided

Those opposed to school vouchers said it serves to keep private religious schools afloat, but one educator debunks the notion.

Charter schools

School  2 March '17

What Exactly Are Charter Schools? Government Orders Closure Of Four Low-Performing Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately-run but are publicly-funded.

Betsy DeVos

School  20 January '17

Could Betsy DeVos' School Choice Lead To Major Legislature Changes?

Donald Trump's secretary of Education pick Betsy DeVos made it clear that she supports school choice.

Betsy DeVos

School  17 January '17

Betsy DeVos’ Appointment Raises Student Loan Concerns; Former Education Secretary Gives Advice To Donald Trump's Pick

Betsy DeVos is being questioned by many regarding the student loan matter.

Betsy DeVos

School  16 January '17

Betsy DeVos To Push For School Vouchers? Skeptics Question If It Will Help Students Get Better Access To Education

School vouchers might not help in letting students get better access to education.

UNICEF Kid Power Twin Cities Celebrates Impact of Local Kids Getting Active and Saving Lives

School  9 April '16

ESA For Students: Pros and Cons Of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Coverdell Education Savings Account is viewed with split opinions among parents and educators on the pros and cons of ESA.

Students Pledge Allegiance To The Flag In Pennsylvania

School  1 April '16

Are US Private Schools Racist? White Students Dominate West, South Institutions

US Private Schools are attended by a majority of White students. Does this mean private institutions are racist?

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