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Donald Trump

School  29 March '17

Trump Administration Wants To Cut Education, Science Budgets To Support Military Budget Boost, Border Wall

Trump administration said they want to make budget cuts in education and science.

Special Needs Kids

School  24 March '17

Supreme Court Unanimously Raises Bar For Educational Benefits For Children With Disabilities

The Supreme Court decided on Wednesday to raise the bar for the educational benefits for children with disabilities.

Charter schools

School  2 March '17

What Exactly Are Charter Schools? Government Orders Closure Of Four Low-Performing Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately-run but are publicly-funded.

Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking

School  21 February '17

Child Sexual Abuse, Child Sex Trafficking To Be Taught In Public Schools; State Senator Wants Prevention Education

If the Senate approves this bill, the issues will be taught among Grade 5 to Grade 12 public school students state wide.

Virtual Classrooms In Iowa

School  21 February '17

Virtual Classrooms Growing Popular With Iowa Parents, But Is It A Threat To Public Schools?

The state has two established virtual schools and some are hoping that with proper funding, this will increase in the next few years.

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

School  24 January '17

Obama Fails Public Schools, Billions Spent For Reforms Delivered Nothing

After five years of over-spending, an analysis revealed students and schools in mainstream education did not improve.

Betsy DeVos

School  16 January '17

Betsy DeVos To Push For School Vouchers? Skeptics Question If It Will Help Students Get Better Access To Education

School vouchers might not help in letting students get better access to education.

President Obama Announces John King Jr. As Education Secretary During News Conference

School  13 January '17

Public Schools Keep The 'American Dream' Burning, According To Outgoing Education Secretary John King

He doesn't know what would be the next step for him after Jan. 20, but he is considering going back to teaching.

Children with disabilities and autism

School  12 January '17

Rights Of Children With Disabilities, Autism In Public Schools Still Unclear As Supreme Court Decides On Case

The Supreme Court took the case on more rights for children with disabilities and autism in public schools on Tuesday.

David Davis Goes Back To School

School  11 January '17

Donald Trump's New Education Plan Might Cripple Around 1,200 Public Schools In New York

Trump's new policy that cuts down the spending on Public schools is likely to damage around 1,200 schools, according to a recent study.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

School  5 January '17

Who Will Be Accountable For Public Schools & Its Students In The Trump Government?

The President-elect and his Education secretary pick, Betsy DeVos, are for charters or voucher schools and not public schools.

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

School  6 December '16

Donald Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos To Push Christian Reforms? Appointment Raises Concerns Among Secular Groups [VIDEOS]

The new government official strongly believes that schools can best teach Christianity among students but the law states that public schools are not mandated to impose any religion.

The Kohl's And Boston Children's Hospital's Healthy Family Fun Donation Announcement Event

School  26 November '16

Parents Donations To Public Schools: Should There Be A Reason To Do So?

Should parents be expected to donate to public schools?

California Department of Public Health Calls E-Cigarettes A Health Threat And Calls For Regulation

Teens/Young Adults  9 November '16

Vaping Teens Most Likely To Be Heavy Smokers And Traditional Cigarette Smokers? Study Claims

A new study claims that teens who vape are most likely to become traditional cigarette smokers and smoke more often.

Students Start Summer School In Chicago

School  9 September '16

Education Latest News And Updates: Race, Wealth And Achievement Gaps; Affecting US Education Progress?

Despite highlighting the importance of quality education, the progress of students in the United States is not nearly on pace with other nations, noting the possibility that the country will lag in international competitiveness.

 Detroit Teachers Hold Walk Out For Second Day

School  24 August '16

Supreme Court: Detroit Teachers Who Staged "Sick-Out" Protests Did Not Violate Any Law

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Detroit Public School teachers and freed them of any charges, saying that their sick-out protests were a practice of their fundamental right to freedom of speech.

Maryland Tests Concept of Public Military School

School  14 August '16

Education Trends: What You Need To Know About Public Schools In The US; The System Is Disappointing The Students

Public schools in the U.S. are facing an alarming problem. Know the reason why.

Ninth Ward Kindergarten Re-Opens Two Years After Hurricane Katrina

School  30 June '16

How Can Detroit Improve Charter Schools And Give Better Education Choices For Students?

In Detroit, there are many charter schools but most of them have some of the country's poorest students. What can the city do to close failing ones and open more schools that can meet the literacy needs of its students?

Sexual Violence Against Women Rampant In Impoverished Haiti

K-12 Reform  15 June '16

NYC Schools Facing Complaints On Mishandling Black Female Sexual Assault Victims

Attorney Carrey Goldberg filed another complaint to the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights in protest of NYC schools' handling of sexual assault cases that involved black girls.

Detroit Teachers Hold Rally And 'Sick Out' To Protest Working Conditions

K-12 Reform  3 May '16

Teachers Union Forces Nearly All Detroit Public Schools To Close

Nearly all Detroit public schools were closed on Monday after a teachers union urged members to call in sick in a protest over funding issues.

German Politicians Debate Future of Universitiess

School  26 April '16

Schools Should Start Later So Teens Could Sleep And Function At Best

Students who get adequate sleeping time have better grades, fewer tardiness and absences, and less signs of depression.

Ninth Ward Kindergarten Re-Opens Two Years After Hurricane Katrina

School  22 April '16

The Department Of Education Expands Focus On Charter School Students

The Department of Education in the U.S. called for applications to create a competitive grant program for charter schools.

Pope Francis Attends His Saturday Jubilee Audience

School  20 April '16

3 Major Reasons Why Most Latinos Don't Attend Catholic Schools; No. 2 Is Heart-Wrenching

The Hispanic community is known for being devout Catholics, but why aren't most of them in Catholic schools?

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