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School Massacres In United States: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

Parenting  18 April '17

US School Massacres: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

School massacres are not a new thing, as it already happened as early as 1927.

Second Report On Sandy Hook Shootings Released

School  30 August '16

Sandy Hook Elementary School Finally Welcomes Students Back 4 Years After Mass Shooting Tragedy

The school has been redesigned and rebuilt with a $50 million budget from the state.

Democratic National Convention: Day Three

Politics  28 July '16

Orlando Shooting Victim's Mom Rallies For Gun Control; Speech Earns 2016 DNC’s Standing Ovation

Christine Leinonen's speech was so heartbreaking that delegates and guests gave her a standing ovation afterwards. Leinonen, who pledged her support for Hillary Clinton, said gun policies should be common sense.

Hawaiian Kindergardeners Practice Lockdown Drills

Toddler  13 July '16

Mom Bursts In Tears After 3-Year-Old Toddler Practiced School Lockdown Drill At Home

The little girl stood on a toilet seat at home to reenact a lockdown drill they were taught at school as preparation if there's a shooter in the vicinity. Despite the lockdown drills' purpose, the fact that U.S. schools need that kind of preparedness breaks the hearts of parents everywhere.

Hillary Clinton Address Trayvon Martin Foundation Conference

Politics  22 May '16

Hillary Clinton Cites Family Safety As Basis Of Her Call For Stricter Gun Control

Family peace is one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is pushing for stricter gun control. She vowed to implement stronger background checks on gun buyers to ensure that weapons will not fall to dangerous hands.

In search for the right combination

SPED Kids  27 April '16

Mental Health: Openly Talking About The Stigma Makes It Easier For Individuals Cope With Bipolar Disorder

A mother of a 16-year-old teenager opened up about her son's bipolar disorder. Openly talking about his bipolar disorder helped her and his son break the stigma.

California School Conducts Shooting And Evacuation Drill

School  21 April '16

Colorado School District Buys 10 Assault Weapons For Security Purposes

The Douglas County School District of Colorado purchased 10 military-style rifles in the event of a shooting or violent threat on campus.

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