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Delta Air Lines Hosts Sixth Annual Holiday 'Flight' To The North Pole For 150 Kids From Children's Hospital Los Angeles And P.S. ARTS At LAX

Family Life  20 December '16

Telling The Truth About Santa: Moms Share Their Best Tactics Without Ruining The 'Magic' Of Christmas

Learn three good styles from these mothers whose children will have outgrown the myth of jolly old Saint Nick.

PANDORA Jewelry In-Store Event With Torrey Smith And Wife Chanel Smith

Autism  14 December '16

A Special Kind Of Santa Is All Over America's Mall For Kids With Autism This Christmas

Children with autism and anxiety disorder can now enjoy Santa Claus in malls this Christmas!

Anthony Mayse

School Age  9 December '16

Mean Santa? Mother Claims Man Dressed As Santa Claus Made Her 9-Year-Old Son Cry Due To Fat-Shaming

A mother and her son claim that a man dressed as Santa Claus in their town fat-shamed the nine-year-old.

Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Fun & Games  7 December '16

Children Cry As 'Too Busy' Santa Ditches Meet, Angry Parents Slam Event Organizers On Social Media

Instead of laughters, guests heard the kids wailing when they learned that Father Christmas wasn't arriving.

Santa Listens To Tots Christmas Lists

Autism  6 December '16

US Malls’ Sensory-Friendly Santa Applauded For Ensuring A Comfortable Experience For Children With Autism

Malls in the United States have introduced sensory-friendly Santas for children with autism. The experience catered to these kids' special needs, such as the absence of bright lights and loud music.

Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Family Life  27 November '16

Is Santa Claus Real? Telling Kids About Santa Without Ruining A Child's Concept Of Christmas

What if you had a wonderful explanation of who Santa really is? An explanation that doesn't lie or destroy the magic of the season?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

Toddler  30 March '16

Ashton Kutcher Admits He Had A Hard Time Explaining What An Easter Bunny Is To 18-Month-Old Daughter

Actor Ashton Kutcher struggled to explain to his young daughter the concept of the Easter bunny.

Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience

Toddler  30 January '16

Baby Monitor Captures A Toddler Praying For Family Now A Viral Video

It is amazing what baby monitors could capture these days and for this instance, it is the prayer of an adorable toddler for her family.

Volunteer Student Santas Prepare For Christmas Season

Family Life  3 December '15

Christmas 2015: Here's Where Your Kids Can Write Letters To Santa & Get a Reply

Make the youngsters' Christmas unforgettable this year with Santa Letters.

Santa Claus Shopping In Madrid Ahead Of Christmas Celebrations

Family Life  12 November '15

Is It Okay For Parents To Lie About Santa Claus? Here's What Experts Say

Experts weigh in on how the Santa Claus myth can be good or bad for kids.

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