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School Lunch Rules Changes

Parenting  5 May '17

School Lunch Rule Changes Concern Health Experts: Why Fix Something Not Broken?

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow a more flexible school lunch rule beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

Piers Morgan Called Parents Feckless

Health/Nutrition  28 March '17

Piers Morgan Slams Parents Who Packed 'Cold McDonald's' School Lunch For Their Kids

Piers Morgan said parents who pack cold McDonald's Happy Meal school lunch for their kids are lazy and "feckless."

School Lunch Program Poised For Policy Changes

Health/Nutrition  21 March '17

School Lunch Lobbyist Pushes For Flexible Nutrition Standards; Will This Scrap Michelle Obama's Initiative?

The School Nutrition Association wants more salt, less whole grain in students' school lunches, which will go against Michelle Obama's healthy food program.

Most Amazing Chocolate Cake

Toddler  26 February '17

Child Obesity, Mom-Shaming: Kindergarten Teacher Sends Mom Note For Packing Cake In School Lunch

Some though the letter was a rude, considering it was only a slice of cake.

Daily Life At A Secondary School

Health/Nutrition  9 August '16

School Lunch Ideas And Tips: Best Choices For Preparing Healthy Lunches & Snacks For School Kids

Here are few ways parents can ensure that their kids in school are enjoying great-tasting but healthy food.

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