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Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Health  5 October '16

Homeopathic Teething Tablets & Gels: Causing Seizures, Breathing Problems, Urinating Issues & More In Babies & Children?

The FDA is investigating reports about homeopathic teething tablets and gels, which cause seizures in infants and children. The agency said homeopathic teething tablets and gels aren’t evaluated or approved for safety or efficacy, and they are unaware of the supposed health benefits of the teething products.

Germany Debates Home Day Care Subsidy

Health  20 September '16

Experts Advise Against Codeine For Children: Medication May Cause Deadly Or Life-Threatening Breathing Reaction

A new clinical report is urging for a formal restriction on using codeine for children. Codeine is an opioid pain medication that is also used to relieve kids' coughs.

GBR: UK Unemployment Hits 1.92 Million

Body  22 August '16

How To Prevent Contact Lens-Related Eye Infection & Long-Term Damages

Between 2005 and 2015, 1,075 contact lens-related infections occurred with injuries ranging from a scarred cornea, poorer vision, and requiring a corneal transplant. Over 10 percent of the contact lens-related infections had to undergo emergency care in the hospital or in urgent care clinics.

Nine Year Old Boy Is Fitted With A Bionic Arm

Technology  13 July '16

‘Luke Skywalker’ Bionic Arm: The Mind- Controlled Prosthetic Limb Finally Gets Released In Markets After A Decade Of Development

Perhaps what sets the LUKE bionic arm from other prosthetic limbs out there is its mind-control and intuitive functions. The bionic arm can be controlled using the mind through the electrodes placed on the amputated limb.

Michelle Obama Hosts Kids State Dinner At White House

Body  6 July '16

Americans And Nutritionists Have Conflicting Opinions On What They Consider Healthy Food

Plenty of Americans think granola bars are healthy because it contains oats, dried fruits and nuts. Nutritionists, however, think granola and granola bars are overrated.

Cancer Images

Body  10 June '16

Simple Breath Test Can Monitor Lung Cancer Patients’ Recovery Process

The new breath test can help scientists use the chemical markers as a screening method for lung cancer patients who underwent surgery. Other screening tests like the chest computed tomography scan can be a grueling process for patients.

New Study Finds That U.S. Obesity Rates Continue To Climb

Health/Nutrition  3 June '16

Men With Larger Waistlines Have Higher Chances Of Developing Prostate Cancer! Here’s Why

Researchers found that men with higher body mass index, or BMI, and larger waistlines are more likely to develop prostate cancer. Early prostate cancer does not exhibit symptoms, but the more advanced stage does.

Fun And Fit As A Family Sponsored By Carnival Featuring Goya Kidz Kitchen - 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Body  12 May '16

What Are Healthy Foods? FDA Re-Evaluates Definition of ‘Healthy’

After the petitions filed by Kind Bars, the FDA reconsidered its definition of "healthy" on product labels.

Pfizer's Second Quarter Net Income Shows Large Gain, More Than Doubles

Body  11 May '16

Cholesterol Drugs Are About To Be More Expensive: Cigna Inks Deal With Amgen & Sanofi For Results-Based Medicine Cost

The price of cholesterol drugs manufactured by Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron will not be results-based. The medication will get more expensive if patients' cholesterol levels aren't reduced.

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Infant  26 April '16

Rice Cereals And Snacks Dangerous To Infants Due To Arsenic?

A new study finds infants are exposed to a known carcinogen called arsenic. Experts say rice products such as cereals contain high levels of it.

Sunscreen May Fail To Prevent Skin Cancer

Body  22 April '16

Summer 2016: SPF30 Sunscreen Lowers Deadliest Skin Cancer Risk By 80 Percent

Sunscreen products with SPF30 helps lessen melanoma risk by 80 percent. Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

American Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer Propose To Takeover British AstraZeneca

Health/Nutrition  2 March '16

Doctors Are Still Split Over New Female Viagra Pill

Doctors weigh in on a new female Viagra pill known as Addyi or flibanserin. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the pink pill in August 2015. It was made available to the public last October.

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