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Riley Hancey

Children  25 April '17

Utah Man Refused Of Lung Transplant Dies Over The Weekend

A Utah man did not get a new set of lungs in his home state and when he got one in Pennsylvania, things did not turn out well leading to his death.

Sleepy Teens

Teens/Young Adults  28 February '17

Sleepy And Tired Teens Have Higher Chances Of Committing More Crimes As Adults, Study Says

A new research claims teenagers who feel sleepy and tired have higher chances of committing crimes when they become adults.

2012 Vice Presidential Debate

School  9 February '17

Former VP Joe Biden Collaborates With University Of Delaware, University Of Pennsylvania On Foreign And Domestic Policies

Delaware will set up Biden Institute, while Pennsylvania named the former VP the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor.

Schwarzenegger Unveils $12 Billion Universal Health Insurance Plan

Pregnancy  8 December '16

Safest Way To Induce Labor Found? Faster Delivery & Less Pain For Mothers Promised

A combination of labor induction methods can shorten a woman's labor during childbirth and make it less painful. What are its benefits?

Google To Digitize Books From Prominent Libraries

School  4 November '16

The Top US Universities’ Reading List: Which Is The Most Taught Book In American Colleges?

The Open Syllabus Project compiled the most taught writing pieces at the top colleges and universities in America. Can you guess which placed at number one?

California Town A 'Sanctuary' For Illegal Immigrants

School  28 October '16

US Education: Low Student Achievement & Teacher Turnover In The US Blamed On Ineffective School Environments

Student achievement and teacher turnover are highly dependent on school environment. A study found that retaining effective teachers over time is influenced by four dimensions of school climate.

Ivy League Diversity

College Success  14 September '16

The 2017 Best Colleges In The United States For Students Who Want Top-Notch Academic Standing

The annual 2017 Best Colleges Rankings from the U.S. News & World Report has been released, and Princeton University turned out as the Top 1 in the Best National Universities category for the fourth consecutive year. The report also included the best National Liberal Arts colleges as well as the top public national universities and top public National Liberal Arts colleges.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Medicine  8 July '16

Zika Virus News: Two-dollar Portable Testing Device Developed

A new cheap and portable testing device to test Zika has been developed.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Indiana Primary Night Gathering In New York

Family Life  17 May '16

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Smiled And Clapped At University Of Pennsylvania Graduation Ceremony; Friends?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump were together in one event yet they were smiling.

Cuba Poised For New Realities As Diplomatic Ties With U.S. Are Restored

Music.Art.STEM  9 May '16

University Of Pennsylvania Professor Suspected As A Terrorist Because Of A Math Equation

An economist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania was held for questioning after another passenger reportedly saw him scribbled a terrorist code while the plane was waiting to take off for Syracuse. It was, however, discovered that he was only writing a math equation for a paper.

European Union Promotes Child Nutrition

School Age  9 May '16

Children's Social Development Positively Affected By Good Nutrition

Good nutrition affects a child's social development positively, a study says.

FIFA Executive Committee Meeting Press Conference

Body  3 May '16

Why Poor Sleep Is Bad For Your Heart & Nutrition

Two new studies reveal that poor sleeping habits could lead to heart issues and higher cholesterol levels.

Summers To Step Down As Harvard President

Education  7 April '16

HS Senior Is 2nd Student From Her School To Get 8 Ivy League College Acceptance

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna believes her persistence and tenacity bore the fruits of her work, but she also credits her parents and teachers' help for her success.

Stanford And Berkeley Rank Among Top 3 Universities In The World

Teens/Young Adults  3 April '16

High School Student Accepted In 5 Ivy League Schools & Stanford, Thanks To Costco

High school student Brittany Stinson used her experience with Costco for her essay and finds herself getting accepted into Stanford University as well as five Ivy League schools.

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