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May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: How To Protect Your Kids From Tick Bites

Health/Nutrition  16 May '18

May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: How To Protect Your Kids From Tick Bites

Tick-borne diseases are prevalent in the summer months and one such disease is the Lyme disease. Wearing proper clothing when going outdoors is one way that parents can help prevent their kids from getting the infection.


Health/Nutrition  23 February '17

New Vaccine Undergoes Tests For Zika Protection, Prevention Of Malaria, West Nile And Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Experts at the National Institutes of Health are testing the vaccine that will hopefully curb diseases from mosquito bites.

Health Officials Expect Active West Nile Season

Body  3 September '16

West Nile Vs. Zika Virus [UPDATES]: West Nile Virus Deadlier Than Zika Virus? Public Health Officials Warn Public Over West Nile Threats

As the United States awaits the Congress’ approval for President Barack Obama’s Zika response proposal, public health experts are urging the public that West Nile virus is a more potent threat in America than Zika will ever be.

World's Largest Mosquito Factory Aims To Prevent Zika

Body  22 August '16

West Nile Virus Vs. Zika Virus [FACTS & SYMPTOMS]: What You Need To Know About These mosquito-Borne Diseases

Summer is usually a time for relaxation and out-of-town trips. However, it is also a time for mosquitoes to thrive as the hot summer months are also known to be the mosquito season.

World's Largest Mosquito Factory Aims To Prevent Zika

Body  6 July '16

Mosquito Bites More Common In Pregnant Women, Alcoholics, and Physically Active People

Four types of people are more susceptible to mosquito bites. That includes pregnant women, people with Type O blood, alcoholics and individuals who are physically active.

West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Return Early To California

Body  6 July '16

West Nile Virus From Mosquito Bite Had Arizona Man Paralyzed, ‘Excruciating Pain,’ Experienced by Patient

Phoenix, Arizona's Nicholas Cornelius flu-like symptoms after acquiring West Nile from a mosquito bite. According to Cornelius, he felt the "most excruciating pain" and it's both the physical and mental kind.

Sao Paulo Lab Produces Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes To Combat Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  20 April '16

Zika Virus US Outbreak: Mosquito-Borne Illness Epidemic In The US Possible, New York City Campaigns Countermeasure

A spread of the Zika Virus infection in the US is a possibility the country is now facing, but one New York City is fighting back.

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