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The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Keeping Your Kids Safe

Family Life  26 February '17

Social Media And Children: What Parents Should Teach Children About Online Safety

Being connected online is a big deal for kids today and the best thing moms and dads can do is to remind children to be responsible netizens.

Most Amazing Chocolate Cake

Toddler  26 February '17

Child Obesity, Mom-Shaming: Kindergarten Teacher Sends Mom Note For Packing Cake In School Lunch

Some though the letter was a rude, considering it was only a slice of cake.

Grandfather Kills His Son Because He Kept Hitting Granddaughter

Big Kid  26 February '17

Grandfather Kills Son To Protect Granddaughter From Child Abuse; Friends Set Up GoFundMe For 12-Year-Old

Mark got a call regarding his daughter that enraged him so he kept hitting her.

Oprah Has Chosen To Remain Childless

Celebrity Mom  25 February '17

Oprah Winfrey Has No Regrets About Being Childless: 'I Wouldn't Have Been A Good Mom'

Despite having no kids, this media personality and billionaire is helping 172 girls get an education.

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

Family Life  25 February '17

Raising Kids When Climate Change Threats Exist? Here's What One Group Is Doing To Help Parents

There's another problem parents are facing when it comes to having kids and it's one that affects everyone globally and threatens the future.

Inauguration of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. Jan.16. 2017.

Education  25 February '17

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Unveils Education Reforms In Senate, Pushes Department Of Education Restructure

The governor talked about his plans during his inauguration in January and he's now making good his promise to his constituents.

Teens are an easy target for Human Traffickers

Teen  24 February '17

Teens, Human Trafficking A Concern; How Educators Can Help Kids Understand Its Dangers To Prevent More Victims

Schools can help raise awareness about this global problem that affects thousands of young kids and their families.

Equal Shared Parenting

Family Life  24 February '17

Shared Parenting Gaining Ground In Legislation; More States Introducing, Updating Laws On Co-Parenting Between Divorced Parents

Child custody laws are shifting as lawmakers see the need to give divorced parents equal parenting time.

Kids And Money Management

Family Life  24 February '17

Teaching Kids About Money: What Parents Must Do And Avoid To Help Children Develop Healthy Financial Habits

Parents, don't wait until the kids are in their teens. You can start discussing about money when they are in the first grade.


Pregnancy  24 February '17

Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy Tied To Schizophrenia Risks In Children

Pregnant mothers need adequate nutrition and a healthy increase in weight is good for the baby.

2016 Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Family Life  24 February '17

Military Families Lose Child Care Programs Due To President Donald Trump's Freeze Hiring Policy

There's currently a shortage of staffers at military bases and it is delaying services.

Can Pushy Parenting Lead to Successful Kids?

SPED Kids  24 February '17

Pushy Parents Are To Blame For Increase In Special Needs Misdiagnosis, Teacher Survey Reveals

Half of the kids don't actually have a learning disability, according to the educators.

When Will My Baby’s Teeth Come In?

Baby  24 February '17

Newborn With 2 Front Teeth Has Mom Nervous About Breastfeeding; What To Know About Babies Born With Teeth

Ella-Rose Lines shocked her mom Samantha and the midwives because she has two fully-formed teeth in her lower gums.

What is Autism? Do you know the signs?

SPED Kids  24 February '17

Herpes, Autism Link: Moms With Sexually Transmitted Virus Can Double Baby's Autism Risk, Says Study

It should be noted that there is no cure for herpes. Once a person has the disease, the infection can erupt at any time, including during pregnancy.

A dream workshop with the New York City Ballet.

SPED Kids  23 February '17

There's A Special Needs Kids Dance Team And They're Preparing For A Dance Competition!

Not even autism or cerebral palsy can stop these kids from doing things beyond their limitations.

Ivanka Trump listens to arguments at Supreme Court

Big Kid  23 February '17

Ivanka Trump Takes 5-Year-Old Daughter Arabella For A Special Field Trip To The Supreme Court

Mom and child witnessed a justice decide on three cases during their visit to the judicial branch.

Lawmaker wants homeschooled students to be able to participate in school activities

Education  23 February '17

Virginia Tebow Bill Gets Rejected For A 3rd Year, Governor Vetoes Proposal Allowing Home-Schooled Students In Public School Football

Following the veto, the bill will get another review in the General Assembly in Virginia's Legislative branch.

 Deep Prayer

Education  23 February '17

Indiana House Education Committee Passes School Prayer Bill; When Will Praying Be Restored In Schools?

Some critics said, however, the provisions stated in the bill seem pointless as the state already allows voluntary prayer in schools.

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins Grammys Performance 2017 - VIDEO

Celebrity Mom  23 February '17

Are Beyonce, Adele Glorifying Pregnancy Or Motherhood? Journo Chastises Celebrity Moms

Are famous mothers' experiences any different than non-celebrity moms?

Playing Roblox for the First Time!!

Family Life  23 February '17

'Roblox' Sex Chat Warning: Cyber Expert Says Online Gaming Apps Risky For Kids; What Parents Must Do

Parents, pay attention to this news if your kids are playing online games.

Ciara On Motherhood: ‘Having My Son Has Changed My Life’

Celebrity Mom  23 February '17

Ciara Pregnancy 2017: What Has She Learned From Motherhood So Far? Singer Hints Second Baby's Gender

The singer is expected to welcome her new baby with husband Russell Wilson any time now.

Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

Teen  23 February '17

Pro-Life 16-Year-Old Girl Rips Teen Vogue Suggestion On What To Give A Friend Post-Abortion [WATCH]

Autumn, a member of Students for Life America, gave other suggestions on helping a friend who terminated her pregnancy.

Selma Blair And Son Arthur

Celebrity Mom  22 February '17

Selma Blair Seeks Comfort In Only Son After A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The actress, who recently had a public outburst after causing damage at a gas station, seemed to be doing better.

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