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Mila Kunis Is A Lucky But Tired Mom

Celebrity Mom  30 March '17

Mila Kunis Feels Lucky Her Kids Love Each Other, Talks About Being A Tired Mom

Mila Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher have two kids, Wyatt, 2-years-old and Dimitri, three months.

George Clooney Ready For Fatherhood

Daddy  30 March '17

George Clooney Prepares For Fatherhood, Amal Clooney Shots Down Baby Names He Picked

George Clooney and his wife Amal will welcome twin babies this summer. The couple are first-time parents.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Holds News Conference

Education  30 March '17

Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Public Education And Skill Development Raise Job Prospects, Lower Unemployment

Federal Reserve's head Janet Yellen challenged economic leaders to provide opportunities and support programs from the education sector.

Measles Outbreak In Europe Due To Immunization Drop

Wellness  30 March '17

Measles Outbreak In Europe Worries World Health Organization As All Countries Are At Risk

Just this January, more than 500 cases of measles were reported in Europe and less than half of these were from Italy.

Parenting Marriage As An Alternative To Divorce

Family Life  30 March '17

What Is A Parenting Marriage And Why Is It Better Than Divorce?

Some partners are already enjoying a conflict-free parenting marriage but what does this relationship entail? Read on.

Single Mom Dressed As 'Dad'

Family Life  30 March '17

Single Mom Dresses As A Dad For Father-Daughter Dance, School Turns Her Away

Amy Peterson stood as both mom and dad for daughter Gracie for the last six years. The school would not recognize she's the girl's father figure.

Biological Dads Impact More Lasting Than Stepdads

Daddy  30 March '17

Biological Father Vs. Stepfather: Children Of Single Moms Grow Up More Well-Adjusted When Birth Dad Is Present, Study Says

The study experts also learned a stepfather's impact on a child bore little significance compared to the birth dad.

High Heeled Baby Shoes Draws Criticism

Baby  30 March '17

Babies Wearing Heels: Parents Lose Their Minds Over Pee Wee Pumps, Infant Shoes Have High Heels

Pee Wee Pumps owner and creator Michelle Holbrook responded to the criticisms her crib shoes sexualized children.

Salt Crackers For Nausea And Morning Sickness

Pregnancy  29 March '17

Nausea During Pregnancy: Eat Or Avoid These Foods To Deal With Morning Sickness

Choosing food properly will help pregnant moms curb nausea and morning sickness. Here are some tips from an expert.

All-Boys School In Washington, D.C.

Education  29 March '17

All-Boys DC School For Minority Students Gets Flak; Where's The Exclusive School For Girls?

In August 2016, DC Public Schools opened the Ron Brown College Preparatory High School for minority male students. ACLU accused the district of discrimination as there was no girls' school.

After An Autism Diagnosis

SPED Kids  29 March '17

Autism Awareness: What Should Parents Do Next If Their Child Is Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

An autism diagnosis is a good thing because then parents know what they must do to help their child with autism spectrum disorder.

Women Studies Class Nail Care Lessons

Education  29 March '17

Middle School's 'Women Studies' Course Criticized For Sexist Lessons On Grooming, Nail Care And Social Etiquette

The "Women Studies" course at the Eleanor Hall School in Canada was not the type of gender studies class most people expected.

ADHD Medicine Shorten's Height

SPED Kids  29 March '17

ADHD Medicine Reduces Child's Height, Not Symptoms? New Study Says Medicating Stunts Growth

Dr. James Swanson found no beneficial links to the long-term use of ADHD medicine in one of the biggest and longest studies on the disorder.

Maternity Photoshoot In Mud

Family Life  29 March '17

Stunning Maternity Photoshoot Idea: Family's Unconventionally Muddy Pregnancy Photos Impress Internet

Jon and Brittany Barton's outdoor maternity photoshoot almost didn't happen because of the rain and mud but photographer Elaine Baca suggested something unconventional.

Dad Trolls Son During Cavaliers' Game

Daddy  29 March '17

Tough Love Parenting: Dad Trolls Son At NBA Cavaliers-Hornets Game Over Bad Grades

Thomas' dad held signs for the TV cameras at the NBA, which went viral and had others debating on his parenting method.

California School Budget Cuts

Education  29 March '17

California School Facing Budget Cuts Due To High White Student Percentage

The Walter Reed Middle School's non-white student body shouldn't dip below 70 percent or else its funding will be cut. This is based on a 1970s court order.

Piers Morgan Called Parents Feckless

Wellness  28 March '17

Piers Morgan Slams Parents Who Packed 'Cold McDonald's' School Lunch For Their Kids

Piers Morgan said parents who pack cold McDonald's Happy Meal school lunch for their kids are lazy and "feckless."

Fake 'Peppa Pig' Videos On YouTube

Toddler  28 March '17

Fake 'Peppa Pig' And 'Doc McStuffins' Episodes Tricking Kids On YouTube, Parents Warned Of Disturbing Versions

The fake "Peppa Pig" and "Doc McStuffins" videos on YouTube look so much like the real thing. Preschoolers cannot tell the difference and they're tricked into watching its unsafe content.

Amanda Seyfried And Thomas Sadoski

Celebrity Mom  28 March '17

Amanda Seyfried Set For Motherhood Long Before Welcoming First Baby With Thomas Sadoski

Amanda Seyfried figured she'd be a mom in her mid-30s. It finally happened for her at 31.

Tree Nut Allergy

Wellness  28 March '17

Tree Nut Allergy Over-Diagnosed? Avoiding Walnuts Or Almonds Not Necessary, Study Says

Experts found some allergies were likely over-diagnosed while a study discovered one specific nut allergy do not develop allergic reactions from tree nuts.

Breastfeeding And Smarter Babies

Baby  28 March '17

Breastfeeding Benefits Has No IQ Boost; Experts Say Breastfed Kids Less Hyper, Not Smarter

There are other factors that make babies smarter and experts saw no direct causal links that breastfeeding is one of the reasons.

Women With Cancer Shouldn't Get Pregnant

Pregnancy  28 March '17

Fertility Doctor Plans To Open NY Center Allowing Natural Pregnancy For Women With Cancer

Women with cancer decrease their chances of getting pregnant naturally because of the effects of chemotherapy. Dr. George Kofinas want to help these women.

Education Technology Is Here To Stay

Education  28 March '17

Education Technology: The Growing Influence Of EdTech Affects Both Kids And Adults

Education technology is here to stay and will only get better. It's time cynics embrace its influence.

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