How To Become Rich: Avoid Negativity; Wealthy People Hate Pessimists

By Snow McDiggon / Apr 12, 2016 07:33 PM EDT

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Wondering how to become rich? A man who studied the lifestyle of the rich and famous found that rich people avoid negativity. If there's one person whom they try to shy away from, it is the pessimists.

According to Yahoo, one man studied the behavior of rich people for five years and discovered that they don't like pessimists. They would rather go with optimistic individuals who are goal oriented and enthusiastic about things. So if you're an optimist, your chances of being brought into the inner circle of the rich are higher. Sad to say, pessimists are very unlikely to enjoy the same.

Optimism: Sharing the Same Outlook

According to Thomas C. Corley, the man behind the 5-year study of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, "Self-made millionaires are very particular about who they associate with." Apparently, wealthy individuals want to be with goal-oriented, optimistic individuals who have "an overall positive mental outlook."

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The numbers also speak out loud. About 86 percent of rich individuals make it a point to associate themselves with optimistic persons. On the other hand, they also steer clear of people who have a sense of doom, who got negativity written all over them.

The Wealthy Absolve Negativity

Rich Habits mentioned that the wealthy don't think of negative things. It follows, therefore, that they also don't want to be around people who have a negative outlook. When they criticize, it's always constructive criticism, something meant to make the other person better.

So what are the perks of becoming an optimist? Think about it. If you are an optimist, rich people are more likely to be drawn to you compared to being a pessimist. Make it as your stepping stone on how to become rich. Once you're in on the circle, you get to share ideas, avail of the latest investment trends, and even learn the secrets on how to become rich, straight from the horses' mouths.

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