Patriotic Teen: Photo Of A Teen Who Gets Up From Wheelchair To Pay Respect To The American Flag Goes Viral

By Dianne Franc / Oct 23, 2016 07:31 PM EDT

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The photo of a 16-year-old boy from Leesburg, Florida has gone viral on Oct. 21 after standing up to pay homage for the U.S. flag. His gesture has inspired a lot of Americans to be more patriotic.

In an article published by ABC News, Arek Trenholm is making heads turn both in the virtual and real world after standing up from his wheelchair to pay some respect to the American flag. It is quite an inspiring story because the 16-year-old boy has been suffering from spina bifida for a decade now. Spina bifida is a health condition that disables a person to develop his spinal cord.

In result to that, he is unable to walk and has just been sitting on his wheelchair since he was diagnosed with it. But despite of his current health condition, he still had the courage to move and got up as soon as he saw the U.S. flag being waved during a high school parade in their town.

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The patriotic teenage boy used his arms to get up of his wheelchair. It was the perfect timing when Myron Leggett, his uncle, took a photo of him trying to stand up from his wheelchair. Legett actually does photography for a living that he has studio for this type of business. In fact, it was right outside his photography studio that he took the picture of his nephew paying respect to the American flag.

Palm Beach Post also reported this inspiring story saying that Legett uploaded his shot on Facebook, in which the platform where his photo went viral. The teenage boy's mother was in shock and she couldn't help by yell that her son was actually trying his best to stand up.

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