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Teen in wheelchair rises for American flag

Teens/Young Adults  23 October '16

Patriotic Teen: Photo Of A Teen Who Gets Up From Wheelchair To Pay Respect To The American Flag Goes Viral

This teenager from Florida would inspire you to love your country even more.

Research At The Birkbeck Babylab Into Brain And Cognitive Development

Health  7 September '16

Miracle Baby Born With 2 Percent Brain Function Starts Preschool; Doctors Amazed By Brain Scans Showing Full Improvements

Though unsure of what has caused the changes, Noah's parents are nothing but proud of their son's determination to fight for his life.

Congenital Defects, Chernobyl's Uncertain Legacy

SPED Kids  13 April '16

‘Department of Ability’: Dad Lovingly Transformed Daughter With Disability Into A Comic Book Hero

Emily White turns into a superhero character in her Dad's comic book, "Department of Disability."

Tyler Bois at YMCA camp

Parenting  16 July '15

Kid, 9, Ready to Attend Camp Despite 20 Surgeries

After surviving 20 surgeries, Tyler Bois, 9, is thriving and fighting spina fibida and Chiari malfunction, which are diseases that cause him to undergo medical surgeries as early as one-day-old, according to the Boston Children's Hospital. Tyler is currently getting ready to attend Cub Scout camp with his buddies.

Folic Acid capsules

Parenting  20 February '14

Folic acid intake prior to pregnancy remains low despite warnings

Despite no shortage of warnings, only one in three women take folic acid before pregnancy, a recent study found.

Zebrafish neurons help detect birth defects like spin bifida

Health/Nutrition  20 February '14

Zebrafish neurons help detect birth defects like spina bifida

Zebrafish neurons can help detect birth defects like spina bifida in humans, a new study suggests.

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