American Express Modifies Their Leave Policy For Parents

By Henry Tyler / Dec 16, 2016 08:54 AM EST

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The economic service experts American Express will start a new deal in January. It will give parents 20 weeks of leave with payment and 6 months for those women who require medical leave.

People who work at the AMEX for at least a year can also apply. This is a great step for the company depicting the best staff care practices as employees in other organizations only get 2 weeks off with the full pay.

As CNN News reports, this new policy means that parents will have a lactation guide, also that all those mothers who go to trips abroad can ship their breast milk home cost free and without difficulty. The parents who expect will also have access to a consultant with whom they can discuss the resources and family benefit of the organization.

The parents who want to have a child but for some specific reasons cannot, the organization provides $35,000 for adoption for up to two or more children. Amex also introduced new policies for parents in order to help them cope, as Slashdot News says.

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Just some weeks back, Ikea announced that parental leave will be granted through six to eight weeks with full salary and again six to eight weeks at half salary.In order to make it easy and friendly for their employees, AXA announced that part-time employees and full employees will get sixteen back to back weeks off if they are the primary parent and if not, then they get 4 weeks off.

AXA also published a program that parents who have less experience and are a tyro will get 30 days off with a guide that will help them take care of their newborn child. Recently this year, Etsy released the biggest and the best offer till yet. Etsy is an online market-place for goods. 26 weeks of paid leave during the first 2,3 years of a child's life.

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