627-Year-Old 'Blood Miracle' Predicting A Gloomy Future For 2017?

By Abbie Kraft / Jan 03, 2017 06:10 AM EST

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News emerged that bad omen is bound to take place on 2017 as the blood of San Gennaro failed to liquefy during a ceremony in Naples, Italy. Countless predictions then emerged that something dark is bound to happen in the near future but before the headlines would cause a stir, parents should be careful when it comes to talking about prediction and news to their kids.

Just before 2016 ended, a peculiar event took place as Business Insider reported that the blood of San Gennaro or Saint Januarius who was one of the bishops in Naples in the third century failed to liquefy. The rare occurrence took place during a mass in Naples, Italy where the blood was kept in special ampules and would usually liquefy while the ceremony takes place.

It may seem like a coincidence but it was mentioned that there are several bad events that took place every time the blood fails to liquefy. In 1939 and 1940, the blood failed to liquefy, and it was mentioned that the World War II took place right after where the Nazi occupation transpired.

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In 1973, where the same thing happened when the ceremony took place, it was mentioned that Naples suffered the wrath of the cholera epidemic. Lastly, in 1980, Irpinia was struck by an earthquake when the blood failed to liquefy.

Just days after the blood failed to liquefy during the ceremony, reports emerged a super volcano eruption is bound to take place in Naples, according to Washington Post. The news made the Italian headlines as it was linked to the speculated bad omen than was foreseen during the ceremony.

Countless prediction made the news, which makes it important for parents to filter what their child is watching as it may stir confusion. Young children should be prohibited from watching the news, especially with the fact that majority of the headlines are focused on the negative aspects that can possibly affect their mental health.

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