Colorado Mom Commits Suicide After She Drugged Her Children With Pain Killers and Shot Them

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald December 25, 10:32 am

A missing mother and two of her sons were found dead inside the family's minivan. Reports emerged that the 38-year-old mother drugged her sons and eventually shoot them before shooting herself after struggling with mental health concerns.

Jennifer Marie Laber, a 38-year-old mother died after she shot herself inside the minivan with her two sons. Her sons Ethan, 5 and Adam, 3 were both shot in the neck and reports emerged stating that both sons were drugged before their mother shot them.

According to Daily Mail, autopsy reports revealed that Adam and Eric were drugged before they were killed. The crime was tagged as murder-suicide as the mother of two drugged both boys. It was mentioned that autopsies found that oxycodone and oxymorphene were both present in the boys' blood. It was then added that Diphenhydramine, which causes drowsiness was present in their system.

The painkillers in their system made them drowsy, while their mother is said to have ingested bupropion and desmethylvenlafaxine, which are tagged as anti-depressants. The mother of two reportedly bought a 9mm Glock handgun just a few hours before she committed the crime. It was also mentioned that Laber legally bought the gun and she even passed the mandatory background check just a few minutes before she picked up the boys. As the investigation progressed, it was discovered that Laber suffered from depression, according to Denver Post.

"My wife and I had an immense love for our boys," Ryan Laber, her husband stated. "She had a sickness. We learned to cope and manage, but depression is a disease. It's first critical to know Jennifer Krannich Laber had a deeply depressed episode. We don't know what triggered it, nor did any of those close to her see it coming. From her history, previous episodes involved very low self-esteem, no recognition of consequences to self-harm, and a strong desire to escape... depression is coercive and often operates in silence. There is no fault to lay blame."

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