Decluttering Kids' Toys: Best Ways To Purge Children's Stuff Without Causing Meltdowns

By Amanda Moore / Mar 15, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Is your house looking more like a daycare center than a homey and inviting place? Have your children accumulated too many toys over the years? Most parents can only wish they can begin decluttering kids' toys without causing a meltdown. Where does one even start?

Parenting expert Gail Bell shares a few tips on decluttering kids' toys, via Global News. Like most parents, she understands the frustration coming from both parents and children but she has three best ways to purge the children's items: rotate, downsize and donate.

Bell believes rotation works best for kids who are hesitant about parting with their things. "Say, 'We're not throwing this away right now, we're putting it away," Bell said.

Celebrity organizing expert Emma Gordon supports the idea of rotating toys, according to Parenting. It serves different purposes like limiting the number of toys around the house and also renewing the interest of the kids with old toys they haven't played or seen for a while.

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When the right time comes, Bell suggests to discuss downsizing and donating toys to the children. Depending on age, the kids can reap great lessons in learning to give away their favorite things.

Parents, however, must put the children in charge of choosing what toys they can part with. This way, they see that their parents are giving them options. Doing so won't likely cause a meltdown.

"Remind [the kids] that if an item no longer brings you joy, it might bring someone else joy," famous Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo said, as per Pop Sugar. Kondo also believes it's better to focus on what to keep instead of what to give away to lessen any negative association to the process.

After cleaning up, try maintaining a system or order around the house. This might be the best time to teach children how to clean up after themselves when playing. Watch more valuable tips in the video below.

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