Apps For ADHD: Useful Free Tools For Kids And Adults With ADHD

Since the explosion of digital technology, app use has proven its efficiency and practicality when it comes to health and wellness. In fact, there's a good selection of apps for ADHD at the iOS and Android stores online.

Which of these apps for ADHD are most useful for kids and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Below is a roundup of some of the highly recommended ones.

On top of most people's list is "30/30," which is a viable time management app for both kids and adults with ADHD. They can use 30/30 to plan tasks and activities for the day, including break times.

The idea behind 30/30 is to allow users to prompt intervals between work and play or relaxation properly. Tech News World cites the app is great for boosting productivity and keeping an individual on track with tasks, especially when people with ADHD are easily distracted. 

"RescueTime" comes with both free and paid features, as per its official site. The app helps kids or adults with ADHD keep track of how much or how little time they spend in their activities. Like 30/30, it's also a time management app. It has online blocking features, set at particular times in the day, which users say is good for managing distractions.

"Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame" works for kids between 2-years-old to 4-years-old with ADHD. The educational app not only keeps children busy and occupied as it also aids them in how to handle scenarios they normally struggle with. The app also has a parents' section for tips and strategies in managing their child with ADHD. Australian Council on Children and the Media gives the app a positive review via Children and Media. Get the app via iOS or Android.

"iRewardChart" app is for parents who want their kids to be more responsible with chores and money management. It promotes positive reinforcement, self-control and self-awareness as kids need to complete the task for the day and earn incentives, as per Learning for Kids. It's free on iOS but costs $3.99 for Android for its added features.

Reading is a common roadblock for those with ADHD. Teenagers and even adults with ADHD who struggle with this will find "Audible" on iOS helpful. Learn about its features in the video below.

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