Channing Tatum, 'Magic Mike Live': Actor Says His 3-Year-Old Daughter Saw Las Vegas Stripper Show

Channing Tatum's "Magic Mike Live" opened in Las Vegas Friday, April 21. The stripper show based on the movies starring the Hollywood actor geared towards an adult audience but Tatum revealed his 3-year-old daughter has already seen it.

Tatum implied his daughter Everly made the "Magic Mike Live" stage her playground while Tatum and 13 other performers prepared. As rehearsals were underway, the 3-year-old apparently ran around the area "like crazy," Tatum told ExtraTV.

"She has already been to the show," Tatum said. "We keep it very casual and positive around here," he added, alluding to the Everly's dad's very adult "workplace."

The actor also dished his daughter loves to dance. As both her parents started their careers in dancing, it's not hard to imagine Everly could have the same grace and rhythm as her dad and mom, Jenna Dewan.

Tatum said he has no idea if Everly would follow the same path as her parents when it comes to working later on. "I don't know if she's going to be a dancer, but she dances," the dad said.

Meanwhile, Tatum doesn't appear on the stage of "Magic Mike Live" but mounting the show was his idea, as per the official site. The Hollywood dad partnered with the film's choreographer, Alison Faulk, in developing and directing the Las Vegas spectacular.

Aside from men dancing, "Magic Mike Live" also features singing, acrobatics and stripping. Tatum explains the Vegas show has "a story on some level," as per New York Daily News.

"We wanted it to be this really base level experience," Tatum said. "We want people to leave and still think about it after they leave."

On opening night, Tatum's wife gushed over "Magic Mike Live." She told E! News it was "incredible" and "amazing." Dewan also praised her husband for giving dancers a venue to showcase themselves.

Those eager to watch "Magic Mike Live's" future performances might be in for a surprise as Dewan hinted she and Tatum could be on the stage together one day. She teased there's a particular scene she'd like to perform but they she has to work it out with her husband, the director, first.

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