Speechless Is The Next Game Changer In Talk Show; Channing Tatum Interviewed by a Young Woman With Autism

Just because they are non-verbal, doesn't mean they don't know anything. This was proved by Carly Fleishmann. She is a young woman with a non-verbal autism and was able to launch her first Youtube channel called 'Speechless.'

Her first interview was with her big time Hollywood crush Channing Tatum. Tatum was glad to oblige and she was able to ask all the questions she would want to possibly ask Channing. It was a breakthrough!

CNN made a report interviewing Carly, and she answered all their questions using her device that represents her speaking voice. The girl has wit! She defied autism! She was congratulated for the great job she has done in interviewing her first guest.

She said the she had lots of fun doing the interview and she hopes that Channing did as well. She expressed how people used only one word to define her and that she was diagnosed with several other disabilities. The ones she mentioned was oral-motor apraxia, autism, fine motor delay, and... to her the worst one she mentioned is that she was a sufferer of chronic sufferer of 'good looking syndrome.'

She also expressed that, just like everybody else, she is just one of those people who has had a lot of challenges in life to overcome. She was asked if she was expecting for that many people to have seen and heard about her.

"The biggest Shock to me was watching and reading articles about me." The headlines about her were: Young Lady with Autism Interviewed Channing Tatum, but later she realized that it was suddenly replaced by smart, talented, funny, intellectual and even great reporter. To Carly, this made her realize that they are not seeing her as a label but rather as a person.

She one day hopes to interview Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Oprah and Ellen. She would also like to give Taylor Swift, some advice about boys. One the very top of her list is, she wants to interview Barack Obama because, "who doesn't want to interview a president?"

Her dream is for the other big internet publishing websites like Hulu, Netflix, Crave TV, Crackle or Apple TV would realize that her show would be the next game changer. Who knows? She is just hoping and is open to some advice about being a journalist.

Since Carly was able to find her voice back in 2012, she made it a point to be an advocate for autism. Here is her first interview with Channing Tatum:


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