Social Media And Parents: How Your Facebook Obsession Affects Your Kids

Parents, are you aware of the effects of your Facebook obsession on your children? Do you see how much social media shape your parenting style?

It's hard to escape the wonders of technology when social media became the norm. Suddenly, a parent's network extended into a global community where one could receive and learn tips and advice from parents all over the world in an instant.

One post about a parenting dilemma can be liked and shared everywhere. Social media, it seemed, encouraged a supportive community of parents who tell each other they're doing the right things in raising their kids.

Social media, however, has its vulnerabilities, as pointed out on Quartz. Behind the seemingly supportive atmosphere of a "digital village" lies the competitive aspect, of parents needing affirmation and validation, such as status posts like the Motherhood Challenge.

Parents also showcase their children's milestones, work and accomplishments on social media like a badge of honor and understandably, they do this because of pride. Such an act, however, could translate to children who could grow up believing "likes" from social media defined them. Social media habits can trigger a craving for fame among children, according to Parents. 

Then there's a case of "oversharenting," or when parents set no boundaries for themselves and wantonly post pictures and anecdotes of their children, without protecting their right to privacy. Eventually, these kids will learn to use the internet and discover half their lives are online, courtesy of their eager parents.

Child expert Dr. Michael Rich said via Parents, moms and dads should learn to practice caution when posting about their kids on social media. "What's it going to be like when a child at 14 comes to a post or picture, for example of when he was a toddler and stuck in a cabinet and crying, and Mom or Dad, instead of coming to his aid right away, paused to take a funny picture for Instagram?" Rich asked.

Are you on Facebook a lot? Do you notice how the vulnerabilities of social media are creeping into your parenting? What do you do about it? Talk to us in the comments below!

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