For The Love Of Preloved: More Parents Get Into Consignment Sales For Kid's Stuff

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 27, 09:56 pm

If you've been wondering if you're addicted to consignment sales more than anyone, then you're wrong. These days, more parents are getting into the consignment craze for variety reasons.

Just a quick search on Google can yield anyone over a million results — 1.9 million to be precise. Consignment sales, even for children's clothing and other items, have sprung into the market and more parents are choosing this over buying brand new stuff because it's fulfilling to get a lot more items worth a smaller amount.

Consignment mama Kris Coronado wrote in a Washington Post article that more parents become attracted to these sales because it can stretch anyone's dollar. Decent children's clothes — often in excellent used condition or even brand new condition — can be bought for half the price or even less.

Some people also looked into a wider perspective and instead of just buying, they engaged into selling used products. Turns out, it was a lucrative idea.

An owner of a consignment sale and a mom, Lisa Batra, said she started the business because she faced a dilemma that other parents also encounter. "Once I started having children myself, I just realized how difficult it would be to outfit them in nice, quality clothing without breaking the bank," she told CBS Local.

Children are also notorious for having a quick-fading taste for clothes and toys. Hence, buying them stuffs that are used and come at a fraction of a cost can be the best solution to it.

These sales don't only give parents a bang for their buck, consignments also help the environment in an enormous way. In 2014, over 8 million tons of clothes and footwear made up garbage in the United States.

Years ago, consignment sales turned used items into a gold mine. Instead of trashing used items, why not sell them for a lower price?

With consignment sales, original owners can also still get a fraction of their money out of unused and unwanted stuff. Plus, they can declutter their home to give more space.

Are you a consignment parent? Share to us your loot by commenting them below!

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