Mom Shows What Happens When You Leave Your Fake Tan Within Kids' Reach

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 17, 08:28 pm

Mom shares a funny yet good reminder about putting fake tans away from children's reach because anything can happen including having the kids covered with the product.

Fake Tan

Billie Fotheringham certainly had quite the laugh after she found out what her son and his friend did to her fake tan. In a Facebook post, the mom from Fife, Scotland shared a photo of her 2-year-old son Kyle and his 3-year-old friend Leo covered with dark stain from head to toe. The kids looked so hilarious that Fotheringham could not bring herself to get mad at them.

According to the mom, she briefly turned her back on the friends while they were playing. However, she became suspicious after they went quiet and snuck off. The mom followed the kids and to her shock found them covered in her St. Moriz Tanning Dark Mousse fake tan.

The friends looked guilty when Fotheringham found them hiding in Kyle's room. Leo had undressed himself and Kyle had sprayed his friend with the tan. Kyle had the stain on his white shirt and face and had orange-stained hands. Leo smiled sheepishly as he tried to cover his modesty. He had the tan all over his chest and on both arms. Leo apparently also had the stain on his buttocks and he later told Kyle's aunt about it during FaceTime.

In an interview, Fotheringham said that Leo's mom Shirley Goodsire was at her home when the incident happened. The fake tan had only been used once and was in the unit in the hall. Somehow the boys got their hands on the product, opened the bottle, and pumped everything out.

"I went in and at first all I could see was Leo in a towel and Kyle in front with his t-shirt still on but then Leo stood up and he had nothing on. They must have been putting it on each other," Fotheringham said.

Health Risk

At first, the mom worried because she thought that the boys had hurt themselves. Goodsire recalled that Fotheringham screamed when she saw the kids because she did not know what happened to them at first.

However, she found the empty bottle of fake tan and burst out laughing when she realized what they had done. The boys had not only spread the tan on themselves but also on the floor and on the covers.

Tanning lotions pose a health risk to children since it contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which may be unsafe for children. Although the incident with the boys is hilarious, parents should always be mindful of leaving adult products within children's reach.

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