13 Ways to Bond With Your Baby Inside the Womb

It is natural for parents to bond with their babies once they held them in their arms. Parents love cuddling, kissing, and hugging their little ones. However, do you know that you can bond with your baby even while he is still inside your womb? Yes, you can. Here are 13 ways to bond with your baby while inside the womb.


Your baby already knows your voice even while inside the womb. It is the first sound that he hears, and it relaxes him. Sing them your favorite songs, a lullaby, or just any song. Your baby will love it, and who knows, maybe they would remember the songs played to them once they come out. 

Listen to Music

Play any kind of music to your baby, may it be classical music or just any music, your baby will enjoy them. Try playing different genres and see how your baby reacts. 


Slow dance movement is a good way to bond with your baby. Dancing releases endorphins making the mom feel good, therefore the baby feels good too. 

Talk to Your Baby

You might feel awkward talking to your belly at first, but when you do it often, you would notice that it gets better every time. Try talking in a sweet, calm, and loving voice. Your baby will recognize your voice immediately and react to it. 

13 Ways to Bond With Your Baby Inside the Womb
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Let your family members bond with your baby inside the womb.

Read Aloud

Start reading to your baby early on. You may read them baby books and bedtime stories. Your voice will help soothe them, and they will learn to love books when they grow up.

Call Them By Their Name

Call your baby by his or her name or nickname. You would notice them move as they hear your voice. 

Family Time

Encourage your family members to talk to your baby so they will get accustomed with their voices too. 

Meditate or Yoga 

Try to rest your baby on your belly and relax. Also try deep calming breaths to connect with your baby through your heartbeats.

13 Ways to Bond With Your Baby Inside the Womb
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Meditation or yoga is one way to bond with your little one while inside the womb.

Massage Your Belly

Your baby will feel your touch when you do a massage. Frequent massage with your belly with olive oil may help prevent stretch marks

Start a Journal

Jot down peculiar things during your pregnancy and read them aloud to your baby. You would have fun looking back when your baby grows up. 

Do a Belly Cast

This is best done on your third trimester because that is when your belly is the biggest, and when you do the cast, you would have a remembrance once your belly shrinks to its original size. Plus, during casting, there would be touches on your belly that your baby feels. 

Book a Maternity Session

A maternity shoot is one great way to bond with your baby, because the main model of the shoot is your baby and you. This is another great memorabilia when your baby grows up.

13 Ways to Bond With Your Baby Inside the Womb
(Photo : pexels/lucas mendes)
Maternity shoot will serve as a memorabilia when your baby grows up.

Schedule a Relaxation

When the mommy is relaxed, the baby inside the womb is also relaxed. This also relieves you from stress. Relaxing during pregnancy helps create a wonderful bond with your baby.

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