Dad Reveals Baby Name Through a Hospital Window

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The coronavirus took the lives of thousands all over the world. But alongside the deaths are the new beginnings for the families whose babies are born during this pandemic. Just like for the family of Drew and Britanny Wolfe, who welcomed their first child last Friday. The baby came six weeks earlier than they expected. Britanny went into labor and was rushed to Northwestern Medicine's Prentice Women's Hospital.

So because of that, the first-time dad, Drew, had to improvise with their announcement on the baby's gender and baby's name.

The Initial Plan

Since Britanny's pregnancy, the couple did not know the gender of their baby, although they have a name for a boy or a girl prepared. They wanted to reveal the baby's name and gender in the waiting room after Britanny's delivery. But as Drew would describe it in his interview with NBC, the coronavirus changed everything.

Their baby is also the first grandchild on both sides of Britanny and Drew. That is why both families are very excited to meet their grandchild. Although the Wolfe baby was more excited, coming to their world six weeks earlier.

The Reveal

While Britanny was in labor, Drew phoned their families, who had to wait outside the hospital for the big reveal. Because of the strict measures hospital put up during the pandemic, they were not able to come inside the waiting room. Drew rushed to a Walgreens store and bought paper and pen as his props for the reveal.

Hospital staff and the couple's relatives took a video of the heart-warming event in the lives of the families. After Britanny gave birth at around 8 p.m. last Friday, Drew started with the reveal. In the video, Drew first shared their baby's weight, 4-pound, 13-ounce. Even with just this piece of information, the relatives were already clapping, knowing that the baby is healthy. Then Drew later shows the paper saying, "In honor of... Grammy and Poppy (Arleen and William)." Later on, he revealed that they are welcoming a baby boy. All of the family members who were looking out from the hospital window became ecstatic about the news. They were all cheering and were waiting for the next important piece of news, the name of the baby! They named him Asher Wyatt Wolfe.

The Origin of the Name

As mentioned by Drew during the reveal, their baby's name was part of giving honor to "Grammy and Poppy (Arleen and William)." The A of Asher was from Arleen while the W of Wyatt was from William.

Arlene is Drew's late grandmother and William is Brittany's late grandfather.

Both Britanny and Drew gives so much importance to their families. That is why they still chose to have them during the reveal of their baby's name and gender.

After the witty reveal that the new dad did, he went back upstairs to FaceTime with his family. 

Despite being born during the pandemic and his early arrival to the world, Asher is healthy and has passed all tests. He is still staying in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital as of last Tuesday.

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