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'Missing' Illinois Toddler Found Dead At Home; 16-Month-Old's Cause Of Death Listed 'Suspicious'

Issues  28 April '17

'Missing' Illinois Toddler Found Dead At Home; 16-Month-Old's Cause Of Death Listed 'Suspicious'

Semaj Crosby played along with the kids on their lawn before she wandered off while adults repaired a car. 30 hours later, authorities found her dead in her own home.

Social Media

Children  5 April '17

More Details Surface About Chicago Sex Assault, One Suspect’s Mother Takes Son To Police

After the mother of one of the suspects in a sex assault streamed on Facebook Live turned her son to the police, more details surfaced about the attack.

Chicago Police

Teens/Young Adults  24 March '17

Teenager Fears Going Home After Sexual Assault Broadcast On Facebook

The Chicago teenager who was sexually assaulted and the incident was broadcasted on Facebook reportedly fears going home.

Mother-of-six undocumented immigrant

Family Life  15 March '17

Mother-Of-Six Desperate For Miracle, ICE Orders Her To Go Back To Mexico

A mother-of-six, who has been living in the United States for the last 18 years but remained undocumented, as told she has to go back to Mexico.

Mumps Outbreak In The US

Body  10 March '17

Mumps Outbreak: Health Officials Remind Worried Parents On Vaccination As Cases Surge Across States

Alabama, Chicago, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma are just some of the states experiencing a rise in mumps cases in recent months.

Dogs Will Outnumber Children In 10 Years

Family Life  19 February '17

Dogs Vs. Kids: Dog Walkers To Outnumber Demand For Teachers In 10 Years; More Parents Raising Pets Than Children, Says Study

San Francisco locals are already feeling the big gap as fewer kids are seen in the neighborhood or communities.

Chicago Shooting Takes Toddler's Life

Toddler  15 February '17

When Will Gun Violence In Chicago Stop? 2-Year-Old Dies In Incident Captured On Facebook Live

A 2-year-old boy was killed in Chicago and the incident was captured on Facebook.

Illinois Governor Bruce Raunder

School  15 February '17

Illinois Governor, State Education Officials Sued By Chicago Public Schools For 'Discriminatory' Funding

Chicago Public Schools sued Illinois over what they believe is discriminatory funding.

Mentally-challenged man

Teens/Young Adults  5 January '17

Chicago Police Take 4 Teens In Custody Amid Ongoing Investigation Over Torture Of Mentally Challenged Man Seen Via Facebook Live

A man who is said to be mentally challenged was tortured and it was broadcasted via Facebook Live.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

3 Teenagers, 9 Others Wounded After Shootings Transpired In Chicago On New Year's Day

Twelve people are injured after being shot since New Year's Day.

Famed Toy Store F.A.O. Schwarz To Close Its Doors

Autism  21 November '16

Toy Store Opens In Chicago For Children With Autism

A unique and interactive one-stop shop for parents and educators of children on the autism spectrum has recently opened in Chicago.

Road To Worldwide Day of Play With Dwyane Wade

Dads  9 November '16

NBA Latest News: Dwyane Wade Returns To Miami For The First Time As An Opponent

Dwyane Wade was a 3-time champion as a member of the Miami Heat and now he returns to Miami for the first time as belonging to the Chicago Bulls.

Married at First Sight

Dads  29 October '16

'Married At First Sight' Season 5 News: FYI Renews 'MAFS' S5 Sets In Chicago; Spinoff 'MAFS: Second Chances' In The Works!

FYI renews "Married at First Sight" Season 5. There will also be a "MAFS" spinoff titled "Married at First Sight: Second Chances."

NLCS - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game Six

Dads  24 October '16

Cleveland Indians Vs Chicago Cubs News & Update: Which Team Will Win The Coveted American League World Series?

Destiny match awaits for baseball fans as the Cleveland Indians will face the Chicago Cubs for the much coveted trophy of the American League World Series on Tuesday.

Jay Cutler's Era Ends As Franchise Quarterback For The Chicago Bears

Dads  21 October '16

Chicago Bears Latest News: Franchise Quarterback Jay Cutler’s Era In Chicago Is Over; Hoyer Is The New Quarterback For The Bears

Jay Cutler’s play in the past eight years was covered by a new quarterback’s more efficient performance. Given years of disappointment and unspectacular performance, the Chicago Bears ends Cutler’s era by moving on to a new quarterback.

 Mothers Of Sons Killed In Police Shootings Attend SC Forum Supporting Clinton

Family Life  17 August '16

Son of Chicago Cop Visiting From College Was Shot To Death Before He Could Surprise His Sick Mom

New York college student Arshell Dennis flew to Chicago to surprise his sick mom, but was shot to death while talking to a friend on Saturday night.

President Obama Attends the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner

School  29 July '16

Obama Selected Jackson Park As Presidential Library Site

After choosing between Jackson Park and Washington Park, a reliable source confirms that the outgoing president chose the former to be the site of his presidential library.


TV/ Movie  23 July '16

Kickass Torrent is Back Up Two Mirror Sites After the Feds Arrested the Alleged Owner

Kickass Torrent is back up days after feds arrested the owner of the popular pirate site.

Crowds Flock To Notting Hill For 2011 Carnival

School  4 July '16

Gang Related Crime Rate Slashed By This Chicago-Based Program

'Becoming A Man' is a Chicago-based program that is slashing crime rates by encouraging youth gangs to settle their differences.

Madrid Gay Pride Parade 2013

Body  26 June '16

New Meningitis Outbreak In The US Expected To Affect Gay And Bisexual Men The Most

Four of the nine meningococcal disease patients involved gay or bisexual men, and one had died from the infection. People who have HIV have higher risks of acquiring meningococcal disease.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Fertility  6 June '16

New Clinical Procedure Preserves Fertility In Young Cancer Patients

A new experimental procedure gives young cancer patients hope of conceiving children in the future. The procedure involves the removal of male or female reproductive tissues and freezing them for future use.

Oakland Raiders v Chicago Bears

School Age  2 June '16

Kristin Cavallari On Motherhood: It Gives Her A 'Real Identity'; Wants Children To Live Normally

Kristin Cavallari feels that motherhood gives her a real identity.

Food Bank For New York City Kicks Off EATWISE And Change One Thing Summer Nutrition Awareness Programs For Teens At Chris Canty Camp Of Champions

Family Life  28 May '16

Do You Live In Chicago? Here Are Four Summer Camps For Teens With Autistic Spectrum

Some summer camps design their programs for people with special needs including teenagers with autism spectrum. Here's a rundown of Chicago summer camps where you can enroll your teen.

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