Viral Video: Daughter renovates parents' home while they were away

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Using a tight budget and her creative skills, interior designer and architect, Emily Shaw, took the reins of renovating her parents' house.

While Emily's parents were out of town for a month, she and her boyfriend took the challenge of transforming the home.

Emily posted on TikTok snippets of updates on the renovation. These viral videos had millions of views; netizens are admiring her skills.

The big reveal was also shot by Emily and was uploaded on YouTube.

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Taking over the renovation

In the first viral videos that Emily shared, she mentioned how her parents always wanted to renovate the house but never had enough time and money to do so.

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The house was built in the 70s, and it was pretty outdated, as Emily would put it. Emily is an interior designer, and her parents were out of the house for a month, so she decided to put her skill to the test. She had few people coming in to help her through the entire process, and her boyfriend Dillon was her constant aide. 

The renovation process

The updates on the renovation were uploaded on Emily's TikTok account.

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She started the renovation with purging. She cleaned the house and removed all the stuff that she felt were only clutter.

She also decided to sell some of the items. That way, she was able to buy other furniture and materials for the renovation.

Most of the things that she put and used were DIYs.

Emily had most of the areas covered before her parents arrived. She was even able to create a new space for hanging out - a porch!

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The Big Reveal

When Emily's parents arrived, she was very excited to show how she could transform their home.

Her parents were not only shocked but also very happy with the outcome.

Emily's mom broke into tears when she first saw the living room.

Her father was very proud of Emily, he said, "I had no idea you can do all these. It's amazing."

The viral videos

Netizens followed the entire process and were amazed at how Shaw was able to transform their house on a very tight budget.

Every update of Emily got millions of views on TikTok, making them viral videos.

Some parents who saw the viral videos wished of having a child who is like Emily. One parent said, "If I had a child who did that for me, I would be so grateful. Great job from what I can see so far."

Others were inspired by the project that Emily put together, "You inspire. I wanted to be (an) interior designer, but I thought meh, and now I (really) want too."

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