When Do Babies Sit Up? Tips on How to Help Your Baby

One of the requirements babies need to eat solid food safely is being able to sit up. Infants who could not sit unsupported could cause them to choke. 

Assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Sheryl Pitner, M.D., said babies who sit up makes them more independent. It allows infants to explore their environment in new ways. Apart from aiding digestion of solid foods, sitting up is the gateway for babies to other major milestones like crawling, standing, and walking. 

But when do babies sit up? Experts explain when little ones learn to sit on their own. They also share some tips on how to help your baby. 

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When Do Babies Sit Up? Tips on How to Help Your Baby
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When do babies start to sit up on their own

Dr. Pitner said that babies usually sit up at around four to seven months of age. At the start, do not expect them to last for one or two seconds. Take note that your little will tip over at first, so be sure to catch him before he falls. 

Along the way, your baby's muscle strength will improve, which could help him sit up longer. He might fall over once he gets excited and kicks. Dr. Pitner said that your infant develops more control by leaning forward or supporting himself with both hands. 

After this milestone, your baby will start rocking forward and backward which helps him to move into the next milestone: crawling. 

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Tips on how to help baby sit up

To help your baby sit up on his own, you could hold onto his arms when he is on his back. Gently pull your baby up to a sitting position. You will notice that your bundle of joy loves the forward and backward rocking motion. By adding sounds, you could make this training more enjoyable for your infant. 

To sit up, your baby needs to have good head control. The best that you could do us to let him practice tummy time. Dr. Pitner said that you may talk or play with him while he is on his stomach. You may also place toys a little bit far away so he could train his neck muscle when he tries to look around. 

When Do Babies Sit Up? Tips on How to Help Your Baby
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Once you see that your baby could hold his head steadier and can push himself up while on his stomach, you may start helping him to sit up for five to ten minutes a day. 

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You could place your baby on your lap with his back on your chest, sit him on a Boppy seat, or use pillows to prop him to help him sit up. As your little one gets used to tummy time, he will become stronger as his muscles develop. Soon, he will be able to sit up on his own. 

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