How to Swaddle a Baby Using Blanket: Easy Step by Step Guide

How to swaddle a baby using a blanket? You might find the steps daunting, but it is an effective way to keep your infant not only warm but also happy. In truth, it will only take you a few steps to perfectly wrap your little one so she could sleep soundly. Here are some easy step by step guides on how to swaddle a baby for sleep. 


Steps to follow

Follow these five easy steps to keep your baby sleeping safe and sound all throughout the night. 


Look for a flat surface

Place your baby's blanket flat on the surface in a diamond shape. One corner should be pointed upwards. Fold the top corner down at about six inches. 


How to Swaddle a Baby Using Blanket: Easy Step by Step Guide
(Photo : unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)



Let baby lie on the blanket

Place your infant face-up on the blanket with her head sitting above the folded edge. Make sure that her body extends down to the bottom corner. 


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Straighten your baby's left arm

Take the left side corner of the blanket and wrap it over her torso, tucking it between her arms and back. Your baby's left arm is covered while the right arm is free to move. 


Fold the bottom corner

Take the bottom corner of the blanket and fold it upwards. Tuck it below your little one's chin under the first fold. Take the right corner then tuck it to your infant's left side. 


Securing the blanket

To do so, twist the bottom loosely then tuck it underneath your baby. 


How to Swaddle a Baby Using Blanket: Easy Step by Step Guide
(Photo : Pixabay/wendymooney)



Points to note

Make sure that the swaddle is snug fit. It should not be too tight nor too loose. To measure, try to insert two to three fingers from her chin, it should fit just well. 


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To allow leg movements, make sure that the blanket should be loose around the hips. Leave one or both of the arms out if your baby prefers it. 


Stop and take a break if your little one is too wiggly while you are swaddling her. If your baby seems to not like being swaddled, either it might not be for her or she could be getting too active for it. 


Swaddle wraps

Either way, you could try swaddle wraps that have a zipper or velcro closures than using a loose blanket. It could prevent SIDS, which happens when loose blankets suffocate or strangulate babies. 


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What's good about wraps is that they let you easily swaddle your baby, plus they are less likely to come untucked, especially for active infants.

Do take note that swaddling is not a hundred percent risk-free. But as long as done correctly, babies could benefit from it, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said. Too loose swaddles could cause SIDS when it comes unwrapped. Too tight swaddling could damage your little one's hips, joints, and cartilage. 



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