Newborn Baby Left Near Mailboxes; Texas Police Are Looking for the Mother

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newborn baby was discovered by Texas Police early Tuesday morning. The police responded to a 911 call from a concerned citizen who heard a crying infant near some mailboxes.

The newborn baby was immediately rushed to the hospital. Police are now calling for the public's help in finding the parents of the baby girl.

The 911 call

In a press conference held by the Texas police, Sgt Michael Crumrine of the Austin Child Abuse and Protection Unit said that they received an urgent welfare check at Rotherham Drive in Austin, Texas. 

The report was made by someone who was out early morning for a walk and heard a baby crying.

Right after the incident, the police started conducting an investigation.

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The newborn baby's condition

According to reports, the baby was immediately rushed to the hospital by a medical emergency unit.

Texas police say that the baby is in stable condition. However, hospital staff believes that the baby was only hours old, "They believe that the child was born within the past twelve hours of that day."

Also, the police think that the baby was not born in a medical facility. Sgt. Crumrin said, "That is also concerning because childbirth, like any other medical situation, can have complications; and we're just not aware whether this mother is being taken care of."

Police also clarified that there are no signs of abuse on the child. They ensured the public that the baby is safe and is in good condition.

However, upon the medical examination of the baby, matters about the mother's health and well-being are now causing concerns.

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Texas Police calls for the public's assistance.

Authorities said that they have no idea about the baby's identity. There is also no known information about the baby's parents or relatives.

That is why the officials ask the public who have information about the baby's identity to send it to the police.

As of writing, the police only disclosed the sex of the baby and where it was found. 

Because of the baby's medical exams that raised concerns about the health and well-being of the mother, the police are very eager to make sure that the family is safe. Sgt. Crumrine said, "Our main concern is making sure that that mother and that family is okay."

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Sgt. Crumrine also shared that because the incident is very rare in Austin, it became very concerning for the police department.

Authorities are hopeful that someone who has seen the baby's mother will come forward and say something.

For those who have any information, tips may be forwarded by calling 512-974-6880 or 512-472-TIPS.

The police also reminded the public that there is a safe way to give up a newborn baby, which should be explored by parents who think they cannot take care of their child.

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