Dad and Two Sons Successfully Rescued from California Wildfires

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dad and his two sons were successfully rescued in the California wildfires. The three were camping near the Creek Fire when the wildfires started.

According to reports, the dad and two sons were included in more than hundreds of trapped campers in the wildfires.

Joe Ebright, the dad, and the two sons, David and Dominic, were all clueless about the fire's extent until they got home.

The mother's worry

Before her boys were rescued, the mom, Lisa Ebright, was also interviewed by the Today. She was anxious about her boys, who went for their annual camping trip.

Lisa shared with the Today that she will never let them go out of the house without a satellite phone if she is going to see the dad and two sons.

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The dad and two son's camping

While the three were on the camping, they had no idea what was happening. The dad and two sons did not even know there were California wildfires. The dad said, "The smoke was so thick we knew we needed to get out of there because we didn't know where the fire was."

It was on Friday when the Creek Fire erupted. Quickly, it has consumed 163,000 acres by Wednesday morning.

Despite the camping becoming a little dangerous, the two sons were not scared of what was happening. David shared, "There was (were) a lot of prayers, and (we) just kept out hopes up."

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The family reunion

Hours after the mom's interview with Today, about her boys being trapped in the California wildfires, Lisa got reunited with her family on Tuesday morning.

The dad and two sons were part of the 360 campers who got airlifted bu the National Guard to safety.

Because of Lisa's request that her boys would not leave the house without a satellite phone, the dad is already on the lookout.

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Clueless of the California wildfire's extent

When the dad and two sons went home to Clovis, California, it was only then that they realized the extent of the California wildfires.

The three could see the news and talk to their relatives, who became very worried about their condition.

When they were at the campsite, they had no idea about what was happening. The dad said, "Where we were at ... we had no idea how big the fire was or how much was going on down here to help organize rescues and how many people were stranded."

The wildfires

According to reports, more than 3,000 homes have already been destroyed by the wildfires. Also, around ten people have already been reported dead due to the fire.

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