Coconut Oil Uses: Replacement of Toxic Household Products

Coconut oil uses are varied and even includes being a replacement for toxic household products. While many people use coconut oil for cooking, smoothie alternative, and beauty products, it is also a natural and powerful cleanser and polisher. Modern studies revealed that coconut oil not only has antibacterial effects, but it also has both antiviral and antifungal properties. 

Read on to find out the amazing uses of the wonder oil

As power cleaner

Before you use coconut oil for cleaning, bear in mind that it melts at 76 degrees andcould solidify once it cools depending on the room temperature. Never flush large quantities down the drain as it may clog your pipes. 

Remove crayon 

Dab some coconut oil into a washcloth then scrub on the crayon to remove it. Rinse with vinegar to remove excess oil for porous surfaces. 

Remove chewing gum

Coat hair, carpet, and floor with coconut oil then let sit for half an hour to remove stubborn gum. 

Remove soap scum

Scrub your bathtub with some of the oil to remove soap scum. Use baking soda also to give more power to scrubbing as needed. 

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coconut oil uses, toxic household product replacement
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Clean brush

Clean soiled hairbrushes and makeup brushes by dipping them in melted coconut oil. Use a towel to wipe the residue off before rinsing with warm water. Let dry before you use them again.

Shine leaves

Rub a drop of melted oil on a soft cloth then use it to shine leaves. 

Avoid dust pile up

Coat high shelves and other hard to reach spots with the oil to prevent a build-up of dust. 

Making bar soap

The oil is used in many luxurious soap bars and you can also make one on your own.

As kitchen aid

Coconut oil is a helpful tool in the kitchen as well. Try to use them to maintain kitchen tools and protect them from corroding fast. 

Recondition wooden cutting boards

Rub wooden cutting boards with coconut oil every month to sanitize and restore. Leave on for ten minutes before wiping excess oil.

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Season cast iron

Use a thin layer of the oil to season your cast iron pans. Rub a spoonful with every washing.

Remove label

A mixture of a tablespoon each of the oil and baking soda could help remove labels on jars. After applying, let sit for half an hour then scrape away.  

Protect and remove rust

In humid conditions, you may lightly coat jar lids, knives, scissors, and other metal tools. Leave for 45 to 60 minutes before rinsing them with warm water. 

coconut oil uses, toxic household product replacement
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As outdoor ally

Apart from being useful in the kitchen, the coconut oil is also a useful tool outdoors. 

Condition garden tools

Before rubbing tool handles with oil, sand them to keep them smooth and splinter-free. Use the oil to remove rust and polish metal parts. 

Clean barbecue grill

Coat the grill with a layer of the oil, then let sit for an hour before scrubbing them off. 

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Detail car

Dashboard, leather seats, rubber seals, grill, and license plate could all benefit from the oil. 

Feed hens

Hens fed with coconut oil could make them lay healthier eggs. Coconut oil could also soothe and disinfect any wound. 

As master greaser

The oil is a cheap and good greaser alternative for toxic products. 

Lubricate hinges

Remove the pin of the hinge then clean and grease with coconut oil to stop squeaky or stiff hinge. 

Clean guitar strings

Dab a clean cloth with the melted oil then wipe the strings up and down to keep your guitar strings in good shape. Before wiping the oil away, leave it for a few minutes. 

Loosen stiff scissors

Coat the scissor hinges with the oil then let sit for minutes. Wipe away any excess oil before use. 

Lubricate a zipper

Stuck zipper teeth could loosen up by applying with the oil using a cotton swab. If the oil gets into the fabric, wash it with dish soap to remove it. 

As polisher and conditioner

Coconut oil is also useful in keeping your furniture in good condition with regular use. 

Polish wood furniture

A half-cup of the oil and a quarter-cup of lemon juice mixture could make natural, non-toxic furniture polish. 

Refinish wood table

The oil brings out wood's natural colors apart from moisturizing it. Sand the wooden table then wash it with soapy water. Let it dry before using a clean dry rag to rub on with coconut oil. Let sit for 15 minutes before buffing with a soft dry cloth. 

Shine jewelry

Using a toothbrush, scrub a dab of oil into rings and necklaces to make them shine. 

Polish bronze

A dab of the oil could clean and deepen the color of bronze items. 

Oil wood floors

The coconut oil could make hardwood floors shine if you rub them in, buff, and let dry for hours. 

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