Kindergarten Teacher's TikTok Video Goes Viral for Enthusiasm and Endless Patience

A kindergarten teacher's TikTok video went viral after showing enthusiasm and endless patience as she does remote teaching. MacKenzie Adams effortlessly gets kids excited about virtual schooling even though it does not seem to be that way for others.

The energetic teacher encourages students to participate in the class

The 24-year-old teacher posted a TikTok video earlier last week that had gone viral. In the short clip, she energetically interacts with her students as she teaches them online. She made sure to encourage the children to participate during a lesson.

During the clip, you could hear the Lake Stevens, Washington, teacher noting how her students are actively joining the class. She said in the video that her student, Brin, held number two and two with both hands. She then exclaimed that that makes four.

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Caught the hearts of social media users

Adams way of virtual learning has caught the social media users' hearts. Her animated approach to online schooling has already gained more than nine million views and two million likes.

She called in to the "3rd hour of TODAY" on September 19 morning to discuss her video. She also explained how she got the energy for her contagious teaching skills. With a smile on her face, the teacher said that the kids give her the energy to teach.

   @kenziiewenz my facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning ##onlineschool ##fyp ##teacher  ♬ original sound - Mackenzie     

Adams said that seeing the smiles and laughter from her students' faces make her want to put more of a show for them. Thus, she makes sure that the children are not only having fun but are engaged and are learning.

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A lot of adjustments

Her school now only offers remote learning. She explained that since the classes started on September 2, there have been a lot of adjustments. Adams said that although it is challenging, she knows that they will make it through. She also noted that doing everything online is a whole lot different than teaching from a classroom.

However, she said that it is a lot easier now than when the schools started last spring. The animated teacher said that the transition is easier this fall. She explained that in the spring, they had to have classes in one day, then online the next day, so it was "very jarring and more disruptive."

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Not intended to go viral

Adams said that she never intended to go viral when she filmed the TikTok video. She just planned to use it as a reflection tool and to see what she looked like while teaching. She wanted to know if she was energetic and engaging enough for her students.  However, the clip quickly becomes viral and even caught the attention of celebrities. Chrissy Teigen even applauded the teacher for her work. Teigen wrote that she hates children losing social life out in the world. But she also wrote that she loves teachers who make everything work well.

Actor Elizabeth Banks also commented on the teacher wishing them more blessings for their patience. Adams is feeling grateful for all the people who appreciate teachers' hard work. She said that she is blown away from all the support from the people.

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