Grandma YouTuber Shares Recipe Videos Online After Surviving Stroke

A 62-year-old grandmother shares recipe videos online after she survived a stroke. After she spent years watching other online cooking tips and recipes, now, her videos are going viral.

Lynette Hammond shared her first cooking video in October on her YouTube channel Lynn's Kitchen, which she started after her family had encouraged her to share her video clips. Her husband, children, and grandchildren saw her watching cooking videos online again and again.

Her family supported her

The Bossier City, Louisiana, grandmother's family told her that she could do her version. They said that not only she had the skills, but she also had the personality to be on the camera.

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Hammond's first cooking video teaches viewers how to make Salisbury steak with cabbage, mashed potatoes, and gravy. The video has already garnered over 6000 views. The grandmother of two has posted several other videos for delicious Southern recipes.

#PrayCookRepeat has become her motto

Adding the hashtag #PrayCookRepeat, Hammond has shared recipes like Louisiana red beans and rice and fried barbecue pork ribs. For 62 years, she had used the hashtag as her motto. The 62-year-old told TODAY Food that since she is a Christian, prayer is essential for her.

She hopes that it could encourage everyone out there with her daily duty that keeps her going.

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Learned from her mom

The grandmother cook shared that she has loved cooking since she was young. She recalled her memories in Toledo, Ohio, about her mom staying up late to cook holiday meals for the family.

While she was supposed to be sleeping, Hammond said she would sneak down and around the kitchen where her mother would be. She explained that she has always loved watching her mom cook as she hums.

Now, Hammond's mom is already 82 years old, and due to her health issues, she does not cook often. She left her legacy to her daughter. She had started teaching her children basic cooking skills when they were growing older, and she passed her recipes to them when they were teenagers.

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Suffered stroke years ago

The grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke in 1999. Her husband, Dwayne, said that Hammond had to relearn everything for almost one year. But he also shared that if you look at his wife now, you would never realize that she once had a stroke.

Hammond decided to go into ministry after she recovered from her stroke. She now helps women recover from human trafficking and drug abuse. Apart from that, she also performs church services for nursing home patients.

The 62-year-old grandmother said that what keeps her going is her over 3,300 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She said that she is both humbled and grateful to all her viewers. Other than that, she also in love and overwhelmed by them.

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