Son Crashes Dad's Live TV Interview, Quietly Backs Out of the Screen

A young man crashes his dad's live TV interview and quietly moves out of the screen once he learns that his father was on live. Now, people have been making memes for the son after joining his father's interview unannounced.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was on live TV talking about the presidential election on Friday, November 6. Suddenly, an uncanny incident happened: his son accidentally walked into the frame without him knowing.

Shapiro was clueless

The Attorney General was completely unaware that his teenage son had accidentally strolled behind him while he was speaking through Zoom. Shapiro was railing against President Trump when his son enters the room while texting on his phone.

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Shapiro's son, Jonah, took a moment before realizing that his dad was doing an interview on-screen. "Fatherly" stated that even though Shapiro's son's appearance was only a few seconds, it noted that his expression was priceless.

The unintended appearance

At first, Jonah did not notice that his dad was doing an interview. He was looking at his phone all the while, and when he learned that he was caught on-cam, he got frozen for a bit while staring at the camera.

Slowly, the boy walked backward and out of the frame as nothing happened. Social media followers could not deny the fact about how Jonah looked like the iconic Homer Simpson meme. The way he walked out of sight embarrassed was just like how Homer walks back into a bush in a popular meme.

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Netizens react

Shapiro's son's action was reminiscent of that of Homer, who was unsuccessful at hiding after he got petrified from the awkward moment. The comedy has brought relief in the stressful US election count. Another one social media folk also pointed out how Jonah looked like one viral moment. The person noted that the son was just like Tracy Jordan on "30 Rock."

TikTok users also could not help but laugh at the hilarious meme.

   @daviddonald1 Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s son walks in on his interview with MSNBC and pulls a Homer. #election #count #votes #election2020  ♬ Happy Laughing - Sound Effect     

"Ghostbusters" and Leslie Jones, a former "SNL" star, also talked about the funny incident.

Being on the Zoom backdrop of his dad, Jonah has caused Twitter users to point out an incredible RBG menorah.

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The new normal

Now that families are working from home due to the pandemic, more viral kids' moments are sure to come. While the children do not intentionally disturb their parent's work, Shapiro is one dad who was sport enough to ride with everyone's joke.

The gaffe showed how bored Jonah is. Since many children have already disturbed their parent's video calls and interviews, so by now, it is fair enough to say that it is but a natural occurrence. It was only a small blip in this year's election cycle.

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