YouTuber Camryn Clifford Talks About Being a Single Parent in New Video

Parent Herald - YouTuber Camryn Clifford Explains How She Copes with Being a Single Parent in a New Video
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YouTuber Camryn Clifford talks about her coping mechanism for single parenting two months after her husband died. Landon Clifford was just 19 years old when he died by suicide. Camryn explained that her life is "completely different" in a new video, "
Life After Losing My Husband."

The mom-of-two is adapting to the life of single motherhood because her husband is not around to help her with their kids. She explained that it is way harder than she could have imagined being a single parent.

Loss and adjustment

The 19-year-old mom said that although her family helps her, she still undergoes a huge adjustment to parenting their two children. She noted that she appreciates what her husband did for them because he was so helpful.

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Camryn shared that Landon loved being a dad and was so good at it. She shared two children, two-year-old Collette Briar and newborn Delilah Rose, with her late husband. The couple documented their life on their YouTube channel, "Cam & Fam," which has garnered over 1.5 million followers.

youtuber camryn clifford, copes with being a single parent, new video
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Young daughter's love and awareness

Camryn explained that their eldest know that her father has left them. However, the toddler could not fully comprehend the situation. The mom said that the little girl has no idea where her dad went.

She noted that her eldest daughter is too young to understand even if she tries to explain what had happened to her dad. She would have a conversation with her daughters about their dad one day, but Camryn knows that her daughter still does not get it right now.

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The YouTuber also shared that Collette does not ask anything about her dad now until something reminds her. The two-year-old has her father's voice recorded in a Build-A-Bear. In it, Landon says, "I love you, Collette."

When the toddler presses the stuffed toy, she would know that it is her dad speaking to her. Upon hearing the familiar voice, Collette would start looking for her dad. Camryn said that her daughter used to be very independent.

Anxious and clingy toddler

However, when her dad died, the toddler became very anxious and clingy to her. When Camryn would leave the room to get a diaper, her daughter would follow her and scream, asking where she is going. Then, Collette would grab her mom's hand, preventing her from leaving.

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On August 21, Camryn posted on her Instagram account the devastating news about her husband's death. She wrote that even though her family has helped her a lot, she has a hard time with the adjustment.

The YouTuber mom noted that she has the best siblings because they have been the ones to make her smile through all of the hard times. She said that the close bond that she has with them is really special for her.


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